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                 POP BEATS            

Zayn - PillowTalk

He loves to wake up next to her in the place he looses his fears, a place he gets pleasure it is paradise and it is a war zone

                                                                           Ariana Grande - Focus

                                    Ariana knows what she came to do and nobody will hold them back for all he asking from her is to focus on him.

Pia Mia - Touch
Pia is urging that every now and then she gets lonely and all she wants sometimes is to be touched to release all the pressure

Justine Beiber - Sorry(Dance Video)


                                                       R. City - Locked Away ft. Adam Levine

                  This is a guy who is asking his babe whether she would stick with him through "Thick and Thin" and be a source of support through hard times. 

                                                                                                  Ciara - Dance Like We're Making 

 Lets dance like we are making love, Ciara feels crazy body to body once turned on cant be turned off.

Sia - Elastic Heart ft Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

She's fighting hard to conquer love as she wants it bad, but in the back of her mind there is an issue of trusting others, 
which she is fighting hard to over come.

                                                                         Jessie J - Thunder

Enjoy this heart touching video "Thunder"  the song is amazing as Jessie expresses her feelings through the presentation
 in the video expressing her brokenness but that now things are better.

ED Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

Check out this video,Ed Sheeran says they found love where they are, doesn't matter what situation or obstacles they have to overcome 
their mysterious love will always be true.