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Just before the cherry blossom festival in Washington, D.C., a symbol of the relationship between the U.S. and JapanMichelle Obama made her first ever visit to the island nation.

Although the purpose of her fourth official solo trip abroad as first lady was to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative, a program aimed at training local activists and community leaders to help young women connect with education opportunities, Obama didn't deprive herself of fun.

Over three days, Obama indulged in Japan's rich and ancient culture. Read more

          Watch video first lady Mitchell Obama carpool karaoke, highlighting her initiative
              "LET GIRLS LEARN" and empower them worldwide

               Enjoy video of President Barack and Michelle Obama dancing with Storm Troopers on        
                                                                              Star Wars Day

 Uganda Manufactures First Solar-powered Bus in 

Kiira Motors Corporation is set to launch the first solar-powered bus ‘Kayoola’ in Africa in the corporation’s vision to spearhead the automotive industry in Uganda. ‘Kayoola’ can be loosely translated as ‘mass carrier’. 
The Kayoola bus is uniquely designed to be powered by solar energy to make it environmental friendly. It relies on 2 power banks (lithium-ion batteries) which power an electric motor that is coupled to a 2-speed pneumatic shift transmission. The 2 power banks operate in automatic alternation to enable real time mobile battery recharging while the other is in use. 

Mr Isaa Musasizi, the CEO Kiira Motors Corporation told journalists during the test drive at Namboole stadium on Sunday that Kayoola was built at an estimate of Shs 500m. With a seating capacity of 35 passengers, the bus has a power capacity of 150KW (204HP) Peak and solar power of 1320W. The solar panels on the roof harvest energy to run the bus on a range of 80kms (approximately 8 hours of nonstop movement). 

“Uganda is privileged to be among the 13 countries in the whole world that are situated along the equator. We decided to take advantage of this strategic position to improve transport technology,” he said. 

Mr Musasizi stressed the fact that most of the bus features are locally sourced and were assembled by a team of about 100 Ugandans. These did the wielding, spraying, wiring among others. “The body is typically our Roofings material and was worked on by hand. pAlso, the battery banks which are stainless steel were also fabricated from here. Uganda possesses polished skills to deliver automotives today.” Read more



Religious leaders hailed the Pope's visit saying it brought unity among different denominations as well as infrastructure development in the country. The clergy said the visit saw leaders from different denominations join hands to support the redevelopment of the catholic martyrs shrine and Anglican martyrs museum in Namugogo. Muslims Catholics, Anglicans all took part in the preparations.. Read more




She caught her break from making sandals out of tyres
Twenty four-year-old Amina Kokwongeza, a mother of two, says she was forced to resort to making tire sandals (lugabire) after her husband’s failure to raise money for upkeep.A resident of Kasijagirwa barracks in Masaka District, Kokwongeza says the idea of making lugabire came to her in 2004 after her husband, Nasur Mubiru, failed to cover the Shs10,000 required to treat their child when he was diagnosed with malaria.She requested him to teach her how to make lugabire and he accepted. “My husband welcomed the idea of working together and he quickly started teaching me how to make the sandals,” she narrates, adding that most of her husband’s family members also earn from the same trade so she strongly believed it would help her situation too.Tyre sandals are made from either motorcycle or car tyres. Crafting tyre sandals is a great way to recycle worn out tyres, and the resulting minimalist footwear provides ample comfort and durability for all-time wear. Read more

 Byaruhanga Didas Graduates from Kyambogo with certificate in 
 Community & Adult Education

Byaruhanga Didas from Kasese is a 25 year old with a disability. He has no hands to do what some of us take for granted. He was determined that his disability was not going to deter him from achieving his dream. He knew there were hurdles and obstacles in his way to overcome. As a conqueror he adapted to different ways of performing tasks as you can see in the picture he is using his toes to write. He didn't feel sorry for himself he took on the challenges head on and has come out the victor. 

Byaruhanga you are an inspiration and a role model for us all, you have given us a story of courage through your struggles and yet triumphed through tough circumstances and managed to achieve your dream. Congratulations on achieving your certificate in Community and Adult Education. Read  more

Enjoy short video compiled Eric Omondi the Kenyan 

 comedian saying hello to President Obama

Nicki Minaj is Coming to SA for Real This Time

 Minaj will be performing in Johannesburg (Ticketpro Dome) on 17 March, Durban (Moses Mabhida Stadium) on 20 March and Cape Town (Grand West Arena) on 22 March.Read more

Ugandan Innovator Asssembles Car                                                                                           

A local mechanic known as Moses Kayira assembled his own car, which he named ‘Uganda 1’. He attached different parts of other cars and motorcycles to make a fully automated car. He shares his story with Isaac Ssejjombwe.

The Kabaka(King) and the archbishop have sat in Kayiira’s car and he hopes the Pope can also bless it during his visit to Uganda next month.Photo by Isaac Jjombwe Read more  

 Bicycle Frames From Bamboo Stems    

The story of how Kasoma zeroed in onto this idea of making bicycle frames from bamboo stems goes back to 2010. At the time, Kasoma was a diehard lover of cycling who spent most of his time riding bicycles. One day, he was invited to attend a 10-day workshop on bicycle-making organised by a friend and businessman, Charles Kayongo. Mr Kayongo also imports second-hand bicycles to the country.While at the event, Craig Calfee, a bicycle maker from California, USA, lectured at the workshop on how to profit from making bicycle frames from bamboo.“He taught us so many things including how to harvest the stems and cutting them up before eventually joining the parts to make a frame. I found this information really interesting,” he says. Read more