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MUST WATCH VIDEO - Daxx Kartel ft Sheebah - Self Service


MUST WATCH VIDEO- Daxx Kartel ft Sheebah - "Self Service"


      Posted on: Sunday, February, 16th, 2014   
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We are totally loving this collaboration by Daxx Kartel ft sexy Sheebah "Self service".In the video, Sheebah is being chased around by Kartel but he                         missteps with a totally cheesy pick- up- line, she tells him he cant afford her. Although, he thinks he could get her, she says he's going to have to try                           harder than that. Daxx  Kartel spends most of the video following her around but ends up not getting  her.  Check out  the video and full lyrics. 

Scroll down the video to watch  

Check out the full lyrics here:

ntro (Daxx Kartel)

Wetereko camera Exo (Sheebah!)

Wetereko camera Exo (Daxx Kartel omuryeeruba!)

Wetereko camera Exo Producer, Wizard Order, kuba turyeerube…


(Daxx Kartel) Sheebah shibooboo bigula booty!

(Sheebah) Nze ndya ku self service…

(Daxx Kartel) Buffet, malawo ela nkwongere

(Sheebah) Daxx Kartel, are you joking?

(Daxx Kartel) Sheebah shibooboo mbegera booty!

(Sheebah) Nze ndya ku self service…

(Daxx Kartel) Kunkumula ensawo zange otwale ne wallet.

(Sheebah) Shya! Think you can have this?


Verse 1
(Daxx Kartel)

Segwanga yalujumba nze nkokolima mu lujjya

Nezira laba nsera nga ekekema mboja

Nze kenyini nze mubisi gwe njukyi

Ice cream muleke jangu olye cookie (Ahhh kizibu…)

Kizibu kitya kumuryeeruba? Nze nakuguka

Mumbwa yange njesiga okusira temara

Tegwelera balinonya yanguwa siwola

Stop! Don’t tell me nti akameme kajula!


Shya! Bakubye?

Gwe eyatamila noyitako, nkutidde Daxx Kartel

Nze Sheebah high class super diva

Atte silinda Christmas mbu njoye liver

Naba mata gwe tomanyi color yago

Nina zendya gw’olinda za show

Ice cream nze ansanga munju

You cannot afford me you urban lujjuju


Verse 2


Sheebah nesiiga Cutex, si inna

Bwoba wa free calls, tokuba tonfuna

Ntesa wanditerese obusente bwo obwo obwekinaku

Landlord wo mpulira akubalira naku

You can’t afford me (admit this)

I’m a class above you (deal with it)

Sikuswaza, sikujelega, it’s not a diss

It’s just the truth, you little bad prick

(Daxx Kartel)

Tompalampa singa sajja

Daxx Kartel nze romantic

Onfutyanke ng’ekibumbe kya antique

Baby ntambula (okay), yingila (okay)

Ntambula biri double, wereza!

Nebwonebalamabalama yenze akugwana

Daxx Kartel, yenze akusaana

Omuryeeruba tanywa guteeka

Incubator, insulator, macimo!



Daxx Kartel (omuryeerubah!)

Daxx Kartel (yamarame!)

And the girl Sheebah

Producer Exo, Joe Black, Maserero Byrando

Sheebah, omuryeerubah, kinabula omukombi



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