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Bebe Cool & Goodlyfe

                              Battle of the Giants: Bebe Cool  & Goodlyfe Crew Radio & Weasel Set to Battle
                                            Kokodiosis singer Bebe Cool and the Goodllyfe Crew duo Radio & Weasel are set to battle it out in a music concert                                                                 together on one stage come 6th December at Kyadondo rugby grounds .The 2013 BET nominees Radio and Weasel                                                                       have refereed to Bebe Cool as "beard old man" in the music industry who should resign if he was to loss the battle.

Bebe Cool Vs Radio and Weasel at a press conference 

The battle is on, watch this clip when Radio & Weasle diss Bebe Cool. Time will soon tell us who's the Champ. Battle of the Champions at Pundonor Magazine (Swalz).

Bebe Cool attends rsb press conference - Battle of the champions