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 Sunday Feb 26 2017 

 Mike Wine ft Lili Pazo "Make up" which was released this month. The song features Mike Wine and the video was directed by Zyga PPhix . Watch now

Monday, Sep, 14,2015

Leila Kayondo & Radio and weasel  in the building!. he video directed by Sasha Vybz follows Leila kayondo who acts as Radio’s love interest but to be later replaced by Weasel which gives the audience something to smile about as they watch the video. Watch the video below and let Leila (@leilakayondo) or Radio and Weasel (@radioandweasel) know what you think of the song via twitter. Read more 

Monday, Januray, 5, 2015 

Last year, MunG collaborated with Supanova’s affiliate Nutty Neithan to work on a song titled ‘Follow My Rules’. Their song received massive airplay on major music channels even before its video dropped. Well, before 2014 ended, MunG released the visuals of his new song with Nutty Neithan.

Eddy Kenzo 'Be Happy'

Tuesday, December, 23, 2014

Eddy Kenzo  is back with another hit song ‘Be Happy’. ‘Be Happy’ was produced by Aethan Music, Nessim and was directed by a South African production firm ‘The God Fathers’. Beautiful video, and once again Eddy Kenzo finds comfort on this song. Watch the song below.

HOT VIDEO- Radio & Weasel ft Wiz Kid

Monday. December, 22, 2014

. Radio & Weasel decided to work with Nigerian and international Afro Beat superstar Wiz Kid on their latest  song titled ‘Don’t Cry’ which was produced by Washington. ‘Don’t cry’ was directed by Ahoy Films, a South African based video production company. Watch video here!!

Miss Uganda Stellah gets the BOOTED off  BBA

Monday, December, 2014

Former Miss Uganda Stellah Nantumbwe 'Ellah' and Goitse were evicted yesterday ... may be Bebe Cool is practically a bad omen. The guy wished Esther Akankwasa was evicted because 'she wasn't his taste' ... she was ... he just performed his greatest hit song 'Love you everyday' at the 8th eviction day of this BBA season--Ellah didn't survive like she always has. Uganda is officially out of the game. Ellah did her best -- she was sexy, showered naked and her cute butt was all over the place; she was fun ... 

Saturday, November, 15, 2014 

Despite the negative press surrounding her lately, singer/songwriter Irene Ntale has drooped a very steamy video for her latest song "Ono Omwana". Ladies check out the guy with some crazy abs and enjoy!!

New Video: Mun.G ft Radio & Weasel - Kukumba

Saturday, November, 15, 2014

Jahlive filmz presents the official music video of Mun G ft Radio & Weasel hit song " Kukumba" lifted off his new album. The video of "Kukumba" was shot in a casino and directed by Frank Mugerwa. Watch out the crazy dance moves lool   and enjoy! 

Monday, Octorber, 6, 2014
Ugandan rapper Navio Naio is back with "something". The track is mixed and mastered by Navio himsef. Check on it


She's back. Jackie O ft Andy "Evaluate"

Wednesday, Octorber, 1, 2014 
 Sexy Jackie O, formerly of Obessions is back with a new hit  "Evaluate" with the only Andy. The video was shot in Jinja and produced by Paste.   This is a tune that combines both Ugandan and Congolese beats                                                                                            and will get you up and dancing.  Watch it                                                                                                 here!!

Sunday, September, 28, 2014
Ugandan hit maker Rema Namakula Olamide releases the video to her smash hit, “Deep In love”. She's in love but with who.. A liitle bird tells us that ut might be Eddy Kenzo lool. This is girl is to watch out for. Check it out here.. 

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Rema - Muchuzi
Monday, July, 14, 2014
Ugandan pop  star Rema Namakula has released a brand new video - Muchuzi. It is directed by Xperience. We love the beautiful scenery and your outfit girl. Watch the video by clicking on this link.

Tuesday, June, 30, 2014
Goodlyfe crew Radio and Weasel are back with a smashing track Connect featuring the gangster of Ugandan rap Sizzaman. Am totally feeling this tune. Big up for Sizzaman you are the best!!!. 
View the video here 

Monday, June, 23, 2014 
Leila Kayondo hit the studios a month ago with producer Washington to work on new material. Check out this new amazing video, big up for the director and dancers. Amazing. View it here!!

Sunday, June, 22, 2014 

The video for  the song Mubbi Bubbi from Ugandan finest Maro and David Lutalo has premiered and it's your chance to view it now. Loving the vocals as usual.  Boyz she gonna talk all your tings   

Sunday, June, 22, 2014
26 year old Tanzanian Tv Star Vanessa Mdee has premiered new video "Come Over". Check it !!

New Video Tip Swizy Abinyumisa
Monday, June, 16, 2014 
Remember the guy who brought us the crazy dance moves for the hit song "Azonto"? Well his back with a another dance track titled  "Abinyumisa". The  video and song was  directed by Frank Jah live film. Check out the new video by clicking on this link.


Friday, June, 6, 2014
 Check out this new beat by Ugandan artist A Pass
A Pass has released the official video for his first hit song, "Tetubatya" (not scared of you).
This is an artist to watch out for in the male category, the voice, swag. Let's hope he keeps up the good work.

Thursday, June, 6, 2014 
The doctor promised to redo most of the videos to his hit songs and he is doing exactly that. A few weeks ago, Jose Chameleone released an advanced version of his "Gimme Gimme" video which proved to all his fans that he has changed and has no plans of going back to shooting lame                                                                                                     videos like kipepewo or fugabi. Read more 

Jose Chameleone release new Video "Gimme"
Sunday, June, 1, 2014
Chameleone  in the building.
Watch Jose Chameleone is back with another potential club banger titled "Gimme". It is the follow- up to his successful " Tubonge". Check it out

Sikyetaga Desire Luzinda and Allan Toniks officially out. Check it out
Sunday, June, 1, 2014 
Ugandan diva Desire has officially dropped new video " Sikyetaga" featuring the hot and supper sexy Toniks. But this not love touchy video as it's about two couples going through a rough patch in a relationship. View the video here!!!

Radio & Weasel Drop New Joint Ntunga
Wednesday, May, 2014 

It has been a while now since we hard from Ugandan top hit makers, Radio and Weasel till now. I don't know about you but takes me back to there first hit Zuena. Check out the hot video by clicking on this link. It is directed by J.  

Full Package Aziz Azion
Wednesday, May, 2014 

Ladies and gentlemen Ugandan RNB artist and guitarist Aziz Azion has finally drooped the video for full package. Are you the full package? Totally loving the video can't stop playing it. Big up to Aziz. Check on it

Wednesday, May, 2014

Ugandan new talented star Spice Diana has premiered a spanking new video – Onsanula. This is her first release this year and we can expect more from her before the end of 2014. The music video was shot in Kampala and directed by Pest . Enjoy!

NEW HOT JOINT Give It To Me Facee Off

Monday, April, 14, 2014
Rising music star Facee Off has premiered the new video for his song “Give it to me ”.The upbeat and sassy  track is produced by west coast music entertainment. Am definitely loving this tune and                                                                                                    this is the artists to watch out for right now. Watch                                                                                                     it now by clicking on this link 

Radio & Weasle - Breath Away
Monday, April, 14, 2014 

Forget the rumours these guys are still together and show no signs of slowing down!. Check out this new video off their 2014 album street Lights, Breath away is a captivating video shot in South Africa by Ahoy films. Its basically a narration of how a lady blows the duo away with  her beauty.

Eddy Kenzo finally dropped an official video to his hit single “Sitya Loss“. Check IT out 

Monday, March, 23, 2014 
Eddy Kenzo finally dropped an official video to his hit single “Sitya Loss“. Check out the talented kids dancing in it, they are super good and cute. If this song doesn't make your day, I don't know what will. the song is great with an African theme and the dance is something else, "AMAZING" try it  your self at home. 

Saturday, March, 22, 2014 
It's finally here! the video you've been waiting for by UK based singer Ang3lina. ''Ang3lina'' is a hot new Artist who first appeared on the music scene last year in August 2012 where she featured in a Family affair video ''Njagala Kuzina Nawe'' shot & edited by Freestate Cinema, 
She has a fan base all around the global including, London, Denmark, America , Uganda and Sweden. "Jimmy shoes, slim fit jeans 
Flashy rides, tebinkolela NO!"  Ghetto lovin (lyrics) 
Byolina ebikwewanisa byapaCheck out her hot video . 

Friday, March, 14, 2014

Roni Stamina is back with a new track "Nyama". 
This track will get you dancing . This is the track for all of you who love your Nyama. This is his first song for 2014 and we hope to hear more about him this year. 
Check out the hot video and moves by clicking here!

Inspired by a true story,Walumbe Zaya or Mr.Death is a song done by one of Uganda's top young talented songwriter , Bravo Kafeero.The song is dedicated to all the great gone heroes in the world and also to our dead beloved ones including his late father and his late brother                                                                                                             that died recently in 2013, Bravo Kafeero is                                                                                                             inspired by his two fallen heros''Job Paul                                                                                                                   Kafeero & Najib Mwanj'' . View it 

Wednesday, February,26th , 2014

Are you ready to meet London's  hottest East African duo "MusikMaestro"?
The rising stars have gained attention from bloggers and radio sations accross African and London. The release of their online video "House Party" an Afrobeat song with a ypung urban feel gave them the platform as ones to watch out                                                                                                                  for. Check out there more of their spanking                                                                                                                videos, Disco girl featuring Dr Sid(Nigerian) , Juju                                                                                                      and more. 

New Joint From Maro "Kyokoba"

Saturday, February, 22nd, 2014

Ronald Maro is back with a new joint "Kyokoba"!. This is his first video to be released  in 2014 after the collaboration of the smash hit  "High level".  The video was directed by Chris Debar and Beno. Watch it by simply clicking the button!!

Wednesday, February, 19th, 2014 

This is a massive collaboration Alert from some of our finest stars!  Watch higher level Dj hearts ft Real Stars including Sheebah, Kalifa, Don Mc  and many more of  your favourite Ugandan stars. The official video was released just a few                                                                                                         minutes ago and it's your chance to check it                                                                                                           out.  

Sunday, February, 16th, 2014                                                                                  
We are totally loving this collaboration by Daxx Kartel ft sexy Sheebah "Self service".In the video, Sheebah is being chased around by Kartel but he missteps with a totally cheesy pick- up- line, she tells him he cant afford her. Although, he thinks he could get her, she says                                                                                                          he's going to have to try harder than that. Daxx                                                                                                      Kartel spends most of the video following her                                                                                                          around but ends up not getting  her.  Check out                                                                                                      the video and full lyrics.  

Brick N Lace Nyanda to perform at Women's Day. Do not miss it!               Sunday, February, 16th, 2014                                                  The rumours are true guys. Former Brick and Lace member Nyanda cant wait to Mash up Uganda this March. The dance hall diva will be performing live on Women's Day on the 8th of March at Garden City roof top. She will be performing alongside many more artists                                                                                                                                                                                                                        including Irene Ntale, Cindy, Keko and GNL                                                                                                            Zamba. Nyanda is the Ambassador of the Reach                                                                                                      Hand Uganda (RAHU). Nyanda will perform her                                                                                                      hit "Slippery Wet and "Your Ways"Make sure you                                                                                                    don't miss  out. 

Sunday, February, 16th, 2014

After the release of his music video - stress free, the multi talented musician who has made a name in the entertainment industry with hits such as Stamina has released a spanking new video- Tonkoya. The video was directed by 1488. "silina budde nasigaza bisera bya kol"  Enjoy! 

The most heralded collab so far in 2014: Navio ft Joamita Kawalya "Komowo"

Monday, February, 10th, 2014
 This is one of most Legendary Uganda collabo to date. Two artists coming from completely different genres, have come together with 40 years of experience between them. She is part of the legendary group Afrigo and he is part of the multi-award winning Klear Kut crew.
As the flagship video project from Face films, we are sure to see more great projects between these two media power houses. The song is all about                                                                                                        getting back to your roots and identifying with                                                                                                        your home in any way possible. View it!

 See New Sexy Video: Rema "Sitaki"
 Thursday, February, 6th, 2014

Enough with the negative press and drama, this girl still has the it factor and is one to watch out. Rema Namakula looked stunning in her latest music video were she shows off her killer body and moves. Click here to view it!

Massive collaboration Alert! Ray Signature hot collabo and Irene Ntale - "Katambala"
Massive collaboration Alert! Ray Signature and Irene Ntale -  "Katambala"                                        Tuesday, February, 3rd, 2014                                               We were as shocked as you were to discover the latest collaboration of Irene Ntale and Ray Signature. Well after months                             of participation and hearsay the rumours are true,as the two came together to shoot the new video of "Katambala". This is a impressive track that is perfect for the month of love. View it now!!

Allan Toniks & Ray Signatiure – "Who You Are"

New Music: Allan Toniks  & Ray Signatiure – "Who You Are" 

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014.                                                                              Toniks is back with a spanking new video of his test song "Who Are You". Am totally in Love with this track and keep on playing it over and over again. This song will get you moving and the video is equally appealing as we see Toniks                                                                                                    him self  get his  swag on. Check it out!!!      
Monday, Saturday, 11, 2014
She was born in Kingston and raised up in Portmore. Macka Diamond, also known as Charmaine Munroe, Lady Cham, Lady Mackerel, and the Money Goddess will be performing live In Kampala Uganda this year Valentine day. She will be performing at the Kabalagala- base Club Venom. View more of her hits                                                                                          here!!
Barbie and Chameleoene Spotted At One Love BeachBarbie and Chameleoene Spotted At One Love Beach
Monday, January, 13th, 2014 
Chameleoene, the Ghetto President (Bobie Wine) and his wife were spotted having a fun day out at One Love Beach with friends. It was a chilling and relaxed day out for Bobie Wine after the release of his new track "Dilemma" with Cindy and Mr G. Click here to view more pics!!
Must Watch Music Video! GNL Premieres"Namagwatala"
Tuesday, January, 7th, 2014 
Ladies and gentlemen, its GNL Zamba. The Ugandan rap star has premiered new video. Take a quick break and check it out now !. He started professional music in 2007 which tracks such as koyi koji, Soda Jinjale and kikankane and worn numerous awards including best male artist of the year. The singer proves he is one to watch in 2014. Watch!
Fasten Your Seat Belts, The Diva Is Back
Tuesday, January, 7th 2014
 African top RnB/ Afro- fusion singer, Juliana Kanyomozi is ready to steep into the spotlight once again. She is the artists to look out for this year. Juliana is a talent that has to be watched in 2014 following the King Lawrence issue.The diva is set to make a come back this year and was seen in the studio recording her latest music for 2014. I absolutely can wait to listen to these tracks, there is always a number of them that stick in your mind. "Click here for my favourite Juliana                                                                                          tracks, this girl has vocals by the way". 

Tuesday, December, 31, 2013
Ugandan biggest stars Chameleone, Radio and Weasel rocked on the same stage last night at Sheraton hotel during the celebrations of the new year.Radio and Weasel said: "2013 has been a wonderful year for us, musically, socially and financially. We've hit marks, we've accomplished goals, we've grown stronger and bigger and best of all, we are alive." 
Lover's Nest Tom Close & Tricia Wedding Ceremony                                 Saturday, December, 28th, 2013                          Singer Tom Close and Tricia look cute and happy in Love on there wedding day. Tricia looks gorgeous in a simple white gown. Check out more pics by clicking here and leave a comment on our face book page. !! 
New Video:Aziz Azion- Summer Time                                                                          Saturday, December, 2013                                                   He is the self proclaimed King of RnB. Now he has officially dropped  a new track and video "summer time". This is another song by MO music Entertainment. The video makes you wish you were there. Check on it!
Keko Debuts New Song You Need to Hear This!                                                                                                       Tuesday, 24th, December, 2013                                                              Female rapper, singer and songwriter Jocelyne Tracey  aka Keko has released a new single , "See Ya".  I totally love the video and production.  Check it out the music video now!
Uganda closed out 2013 in style with special performance with Chameleone & Goodlyfe            Monday,23th, December, 2013                                        Ugandan biggest stars Chameleone, Radio and Weasel rocked on the same stage last night at Sheraton hotel during the celebrations of the new year.Radio and Weasel said: "2013 has been a wonderful year for us, musically, socially and financially. We've hit marks, we've accomplished goals, we've grown stronger and bigger and best of all, we are alive." 
 "Girls", Mr G & Bobi Wine Watch it now!                                                        Friday, 29th, December, 2013                                   This is the latest video release following the clean n out colloboration between Bobi Wine & dance hall star Mr G. This was shot in the beautiful paradise of the Caribbean. See the hot babes having a good time at the pool party.
Must Watch Video! Cindy Sanya Premiers "Yes Man".                                         Monday, 18th, November, 2013                                       
Ooh yeah, it’s finally here.Afro – Pop and songwriter Cindy has finally  premiered the video for her dance tune, yes man directed by Hasz Media and no surprise she looks sexy and trendy in a colourful mini dress with                                                                                          orange heels. Check it out now! 
Battle of the Giants: Bebe Cool  & Goodlyfe     
Crew Radio & Weasel Set to Battle Kokodiosis singer Bebe Cool and the Goodllyfe Crew duo Radio & Weasel are set to battle it out in a music concert together on one stage come 6th December at Kyadondo rugby grounds .The 2013 BET nominees Radio and Weasel have refereed to Bebe Cool as "beard old man" in the music industry who should resign if he                                                                                          was to loss the battle. You decide
New Video: Kalifa Aganga & Mun G - Kizibu                                                                      Tuesday, 5th, November, 2013                                       
We certainly loved Kalifa’s first song Ndabirawa and now his even upgraded himself by collaborating with Ugandan’s finest Mun G. Upcoming artists Kalifa Aganga has premiered the video to his third track featuring Mun G - Kizibu. Play it now

Busy Signal: To perform at the Battle of the Champions.                                                                                              He Jamaican superstar Busy Signal is set to perform at the upcoming battle of the Champs at Kyandondo Rugby ground on the 6th December. He arrived today and was welcomed to Uganda by dance hall star, Peter Miles.Busy Signal is well know for hits such as "Nah Go Jail Again", "Tic Toc" and "Smoke Some                                                                           High Grade".

 Wednesday, 10th, October, 2013                                                             Irene Ntale is a rising star and singer song writer,She has taken on her solo career that has seen her develop a unique sound of RnB Reggae & Acoustic soul. With conscious and positive lyric, the 23 year old has already topped the charts with hits such as “Stay with me” and “Love letter featuring Bebe Cool”. Check out her her smashing new video " Eno Ye saawa"

Juliana Kanyomozi Premieres Woman song

Juliana was yesterday on NTV to premiere her latest song, Woman, which is her  come back song after losing Keron, her only child. She went through a lot thinking about what to sing about most especially after what happened to her last year, composing a club banger was the last thing on her mind.
The song celebrates women and it's about women in general. "I have been singing about so many things but I had not done anything for the women ."  VIEW IT HERE!!  


Are you ready for the 2014  Channel O African Music Award?  We are! All the hottest music stars across Africa hitting the red carpet for one of music’s biggest nights of the year this Saturday night! Click to see all the PICS! CHANNEL O 2014 MUSIC AWARD 2014 RED CARPET PHOTOS



Sylvia Owori represented Uganda at the recently concluded Africa Fashion Week  London.The Afropolitan collection was inspired by the journey from line to structure. Read more

Socialite Judith Heard (pink) had to take a photo moment with Miss Uganda, Leah Kalanguka


"Prokoto" Victoria Kimani ft Ommy Dimpoz, Diamond 


 Talented singer Victoria Kimani has a new song Prokoto, featuring Ommy Dimpoz and International superstar Diamond. View the up beat tune and video right here!
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The Skater skirt is a great way of looking classy but edgy at the same time. It looks amazing with a cropped top or a skirt tacked in the mini!. This is a trend inspired by many celebrities including Ugandan teen Nation presenter  Sheila Gashumba,  Kim Kardashian,  Kerry Washinghton.... 

Founded in 2004 in sunny Southern California, Band of Outsiders has rapidly built a reputation for offering contemporary twists on timeless preppy essentials. This leather varsity jacket from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 rang.... View more 

NAVIO looks incredible with his shades on in this Kwesh Men's print and leather which he added a silk black shirt at the channel O music award. I absolutely love this look!!! The suit, the tie, and most especially the suit. 

Walukaga went back to his traditional roots,  incorporating modern tones with the traditional Buganda drums. Displaying traditional dancers and costumes. The song Amanya Ga Kabaka which means "the king's names", is a song which interprets the 72 names of the Baganda King. all the names have a meaning and a purpose. There is a lot of different cultural clothings such as the Bark ..........

Allan Toniks & Ray Signatiure – "Who You Are"

New Music: Allan Toniks  & Ray Signatiure – "Who You

 Toniks is back with a spanking new video of his test song "Who Are You". Am totally in Love with this track and keep on playing it over and over again. This song will get you moving and the video is equally appealing as we see Toniks                 him self  get his  swag on. Check it out!!!