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                             A SHOE

                 YOU CAN CONTROL

                 WITH YOUR PHONE

Like Marty McFly’s self-tying Nikes, the Digitsole SmartShoe can automatically tighten around your feet for the snuggest possible fit. “That’s all well and good,” you say, “but what if my feet are chilly?” Well fret not, because you can use your phone to adjust the temperature of the sole. And, like everything else these days, the shoes will also track how many calories you’ve burned. Read more

Just in Case delivers iPhone case that records conversations

There are many different kinds of iPhone cases that have been released in the past, and Just in Case (pretty unique name, right?) has jumped aboard the bandwagon as well – except that their flagship product will be rather different in terms of functionality. Sure, it is a protective case of sorts that will help to minimize damage from knocks, drops and scratches, but there is one particular function that might come in handy if you tend to deal with a lot of sensitive conversations that would be best if it were in the black and white. This slim, elegantly designed case will also be able to instantly record any call or in-person conversation without having to connect to an app or external recording source.

Of course, some people might not be too comfortable knowing that they are being recorded while talking to you, but on the other hand, you do not even need to let them know in the first place. Available for the iPhone 5 and above, Just in Case will make sure this case comes in the following shades: red, blue, yellow, green and black. It is part of an Indiegogo campaign that has a funding goal of $25,000 and features limited Early Bird specials of $29.99 each.

The case lets one initiate recording at any point during a call (where app/conference call solutions are concerned, users must record the entire conversation from beginning to end), as it boasts of an easy-to-use, simple 2-button interface: one for “record” and one for “play.” Not only that, it doubles up as an incognito stand-alone recorder that can record in-person conversations not made via the user’s iPhone. Pretty cool for the sleuthing types, yes? Read more



The future in personal transportation! The Smart Glider by Future Wheels is the easiest way to get from A to B with minimum effort. Zero peddling like riding a bike, zero pushing like on a skate board; if you can lean forwards then you can go!

Thanks to smart auto-stabilising technology it is incredibly easy to learn how to ride. Pressure sensitive pads understand how your weight is being distributed and it’s your movement on the board that tells it which way to go. Lean forwards and the board goes forwards, lean left and the board turns left. It’s really that simple. The Smart Gliders inbuilt gyro helps keep you upright and provides full 360 degree turning.

Thick durable rubber wheels help cushion your ride, will never puncture, and are surprisingly grippy on most terrains. The Smart Glider is no slouch either, with top speeds of up to 10mph and a maximum ride distance of 15.5 miles. Pop down to your local shops in style, make your morning commute more exciting, or simply take the dog for a walk without breaking a sweat.  

When you are finished riding simply pop it on charge and in under 2hrs it will be fully charged ready for your next 2-wheeled adventure!

So if you are looking for an effortless transport device, that’s both fun and futuristic, then you need a Smart Glider! Read more



                     MIMOCO POWER BANK (Portable Power Bank)

Charge your gadgets in style with the latest Mimoco power bank collection – the Star Wars MimoPowerTubes!
The Star Wars MimoPowerTubes are small, cylindrical backup Li-Io battery packs with 2,600mAh charging capacity, 5V 800mA output power, 500 charging cycles life and allow you one full battery charge for most smartphones around including all iPhone models, Android and Windows Mobile devices. TheStar Wars MimoPowerTubes are available in 4 formats (C-3PODarth VaderLightsaber, Stormtrooper), come with multiple charging tips (microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia, Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning) as well as with a velvet carrying pouch.
Read more

                                            APPLE iWATCH

 Apple is believed to be planning the release of its iWatch - the iPhone-compatible smartwatch.Apple’s very first wearable device may be capable of beaming messages, enable users to work with Siri and generally offer users the power to communicate, right from their wrists, without having to go back to their iPhone to complete every single task. Of course, there is no concrete, official information about the smartwatch as yet. However, rumors about the gadget are already rife and industry experts are coming out with their own opinions and estimates of the device. Read more


                The World's Most Expensive Iphone 6 Costing £1.7 Million

Apple to release the iphone 6, luxury designer Alexander Amosu has been commisioned to create a luxury version in solid 18 carat solid gold, fully encrusted with daimonds. The phone will take approximately 2 months to make by recreating the full body in solid ct golsd weighing approximately 85gms and painstakingly handset with over 6,172 brilliant cut daimonds in VVS1 IF colour. The apple logo will be cut to the exact shape of the apple logo from 51.29 carat (10.258g) with a cushion flawless cut. See more

Samsung Smart Home platform 

Samsung announced a new Samsung Smart Home platform at CES, this new platform is designed to connect various electronic devices around your home.The Samsung Smart Home platform is designed to connect your Smart TV, smartphones, tablets, and home appliances like your fridge and washing machine together.The platform will also come with voice command which will let you control a number of things around your home, like lighting to turn lights on an off and also various connected appliances.You can find out more details about the new Samsung Smart Home platform at the link below, the platform will also work with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch.Read more

                           Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 

                    (The rugged tablet for business types)


Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular among business users as a means of allowing employees to stay connected wherever they are. But for industrial environments, field service personnel or people who work outdoors, a conventional tablet may not be up to the task.

Step forward Samsung with an answer to the problem in the form of the Galaxy Tab Active.This is a ‘ruggedised’ tablet aimed at business users.

“The Galaxy Tab Active boasts 10 hours of power from a detachable, 4,450mAh battery, and a UI designed for tough work – the kind of stuff that keeps your fingers off the screen. It’s also got a variant of Samsung’s S Pen in the C Pen, a tougher version of the standard stylus included with various Galaxy devices.”

“The hardware that powers the Tab Active isn’t too exciting, much closer to a Tab 4 than a Tab S, but that’s not why anyone’s going to be buying this thing; they’re here for the rugged design. That protects the tablet against drops and environmental damage, while features like its stylus (even if it is a capacitive one) and support for quick charging cradles help expand its usefulness out in the field.” Read more

             Iwallet Biometric Locking Wallet - Hands On

The wallet is suffering an identity crisis. With Apple’s “digital wallet,” Apple Pay, grabbing headlines, it’s impossible not to imagine a world in which leather tri-folds stuffed with old receipts, business cards, and expired Costco ID cards are a thing of the past. 

Certainly, the idea of freeing oneself from the bulk of an overstuffed analog wallet in favor of just tapping your phone at the checkstand appealing, but what happens when you go to pay for groceries and realize you’ve forgotten your phone at home or in the car? And what about the funny green paper stuff lots of folks are still carrying around? What’s it called, again? Oh yeah: cash.

Thankfully, for those of us who aren’t quite ready to surrender our financial transactions to a mega-corp in Sillicon Valley, there’s the iWallet.Read more

Watch Demo Video for  Biometric Locking Iwalletllet