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 gabrielle union and dwyane wade share wedding video 

        Hollywood beauty Gabrielle is officially off the market. Being" Mary Jane" actress Miss Union got married to the "Miami Heat"  supper               star Dwyane  Wade in an outdoor ceremony surrounded by close friends and family members. 

     The wedding location had beautiful scenery to die for, as she came down the stairs walking down the aisle and crossing a bridge, where      she was joined with her step sons as her peg boys. View the beautiful ceremony by simply scrolling down the page and clicking on the          video below. 







Beautifully curved jewelry that commands elegance. Delicately designed to exemplify the unique quality luxurious features encrusted in crystals and could also be made out of diamonds, gold, or gems, which are immaculately intertwined to create flawless floral patterns. 

The jewelry has consistency in the flow of the patterns and  made to match, a set consists of a hand piece which is worn as a bangle and fitted on the finger as a ring, a necklace,earrings and a head piece are also included 

The eye catching sparkling jewelry brings a glimmer to the bride's look and lives them feeling glamorous  



Beyonce's and solange Mom Tina Knowles 61 Marries Richard Lawson 68 in Elegant Yacht Wedding.

Tina Knowles’ tied the knot this weekend on a yacht in Newport Beach, California, USA, in an all-white ceremony where the bride wore Romona Keveza.This is her second marriage, as she divorced Solange and Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles, 63 in 2009, after 30 years of marriage.

Tina and Richard started dating in 2013, and this will also be his second marriage, proving it’s never too late to find (and lock down) your happiness! It was a family affair with guests inculding beyonce hubby Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy.

tmz photo exclusive  

Beyonce and Miss Tina were seen entering their ride and  heading to the ceremony. It was an all white event as all guests dressed in white. 



 Aydee Dumba wed his long time partner and former miss Uganda UK Jacqueline Matovu Musanje in a traditional Kwanjula ceremony. Jacqueline  looked stunning, beautiful, stylish and happy bride. Congratulations to the newly weds!

       alice           introduces           martin

Alice Introduces Martin. filmed and produced by MK Media UgandaThis is a sample clip from MK Media Uganda. we do professional filming and editing of all functions. we film the best weddings in Uganda, best introduction ceremonies in Uganda, kwanjula, mbaga, kuhingira and best comedy shows in uganda

tv presenter seanice

 weds actor fabian 

adeoye lojede

Actor Fabian Adeoye Lojede is off the market and has married top East African radio and TV Presenter Séanice Kacungira in Kampala, this month with about 150 of their nearest and dearest in attendance. The pair met about four years ago in South Africa.

Seanice is also a successful entrepreneur and the founder of one of Africa’s most successful digital advertising companies Blu Flamingo with branches in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda – and set to expand into other African Countries.

Fabian is a successful actor, producer, writer and voice over artist who owns one of the top production companies in South Africa – 1 Take Media and an online development and media buying company DEO Media holdings.



This is a type of confidence brides maids should exude.They are alluring, daring and make sure they bring fun to the scenery. 

These ladies have shown off the purple and yellow gowns. A brilliant glamorous look no wonder they are all admiring how beautiful and amazing they look.

Make up for your wedding 

To get the perfect makeup on your wedding need to make sure you have a trial on the make up 3 weeks before the wedding to ensure its perfect.  Every girl wants to look beautiful on her wedding so wearing the correct make up will enhance your beauty. 

Every woman is unique and beautiful in there own way, In-order to look confident you will need a  professional wedding make up artist and wedding hair stylist. And they are a lot of looks you can chose from, a natural look to a glamorous look. which ever fits you personality.  

          Check out some of the beautiful make that was done by Serene Beauty in Uganda 

Ntaganda & monica beautiful wedding film


Ntaganda & Monica had an elegant wedding in Kampala Uganda at hotel Serana in video by Bukedde TV. Monica looked beautiful and mesmerizing as she first stepped out of a car in a ivory sweetheart train tail trumpet mermaid wedding dress from Paris France. The after party was on point as well with plenty of guests who had fun and a range of musicians including Juliana, Radio and Weasle and Rema Namakula performed. You need to watch this wedding video from beginning to end. 




after party 

Monica and Ntaganda looked very much in love as they took there first dance. A list of guests was endless including Ugandan billionaire Mr Sudir and the honourable Mr Sekandi. 

Monica looked flawless in a fish tail gold gown. Ngoma entertainment wishes Monica and Ntganda a beautiful married life. 


                                   BLACK,CHINESE WEDDING.
    Watch this most amazing and invigorating wedding which had a combination of African and Chinese cultures. The theme for the wedding 
    such as the costumes the bride wore were Chinese traditionally made. The performance was a mixture of African traditional dancers and 
    Chinese dancers.The dancers blended very well and transformed the whole ceremony and brought it to a different dimension. The on lookers             were fascinated and elated about this lovely couple. 
    The bride looked very beautiful her make up was flawless with a lovely smile. She was dressed in lovely garments and a touch of jewelry. The           crown on her head made her look like a queen, who she was on that special day.The groom looked herd some and looked very happy in 
     his bright colored garments he wore. They showed their love for each other as we can see from the pictures. (watch the wedding video below).






Former Miss Uganda 2008 Dorah Mwima  got married to her boyfriend of four years, Lebanese Nader Barrak at Munyono Kampala. They met when she was working for Darling Hair Uganda, where Nader was the General manager.

She looked beautiful in a vintage lacy white wedding dress and Nader in a white matching suit as they walked down the aisle by the lake shores. 



Just after last years' court battle between Nader and ex-- Elizabeth K over child neglect, he has decided to show love to Dorah by putting a wedding ring on the new honey just after the recent engagement. Dorah also has a child from her previous relationship and this leaves them at a draw. Read more. 
                                   CLASSIC WEDDING HIJABS
       Wearing one of these wedding hijabs will leave you feeling like a princess on your big day. These beautiful wedding hijabs come in different                designs and styles. They are made from the finest silk and satin topped up with jewelry that flows through. The accessories can be                              pearls, silver, diamonds or even gold it all comes down to your taste. The jewelry brings a glimmer to the whole appearance. The bride                        is endowed in jewelry with beautiful matching neck lace, earrings and also the patterns on the bridal gown are matched in order to look the 
         same as the jewelry.



        Shape and sculpt your body in these sexy lingerie on your wedding day It will leave you feeling glamorous  and seductive on your special                   day.     



                                                           WEDDING HATS       

               Wedding hats come in different sizes and designs.They could be straw covered in satin brocade  with trimmed ribbon, beads, sprays 
               and feathers. Some can be decorated in beads and jewelry or even fur trimmed bornets. the hats should be measured to match the style 
               and length. Some of these hats can be worn at other ceremonies such as parties or to places such horse and goat races. 
               Add a hat to your collection of accessories for that special occasion, and when wearing it make sure you get that sophisticated, elegant                      look.








                 WEDDING ACCESSORIES (HAIR PIECES)          

Floral hair accessories

                        BE ELEGANT IN THIS MERMAID GOWN 


 This is one of the stunning collection sparkling turle layered lace and floaty oganzas a real range of romantic fabric

Something with a touch of glamour sexy, sophisticated and absolutely breath taking.

 Which perfectly balances sensual femininity with elegance

                                    WEDDING SUITS FOR THE  GROOM



                                       THE CLASSICAL TAILCOAT THREE PIECE SUIT 
         Choosing a suit for your wedding day is a very important task. It gives you a chance to show case your personality, uniqueness and  your
              sense of style. When choosing a suit for you and your groomsmen you need to take into consideration about  the fabric, fit and also it has
              to give a complimentary flow to the bride and brides maid gowns. 

             There are a variety of different designs, colors and fabrics to a suit . The suits below are the classical cool three piece suit they don't go out 
             of  fashion but to look the best in this particular style of suit make sure it is well tailored and fits well.

            The picture below is a demonstration how you can put together a striking look the top coat is a tailcoat and underneath is a white waist coat 
           and a stripped trouser which has given the individual a very posh look. You can choose the color of your desired choice and just accessorize               with a little touch of light colors where the suit is dark. Accessories can come as a nice tie a handkerchief cuffs shoes and maybe a watch 
            this comes down to your personal taste. 

                                                                      THE  GROOMSMEN SUITS 
             It is important that at a wedding ceremony uniformity is maintained especially when it comes to the groomsmen you don't want to distract                     attention away from the groom on his special day by wearing conflicting colours and styles. For the groom to stand out he should                                 incorporate unique features that differentiate him from the groomsmen. 

           That is what they have done in the photo below the groom has a pink rose and white handkerchief in his pocket whereas the groomsmen                     have white roses you can tell straight away whose special day this belongs to.

          If you chose to wear a dark colour suit then a touch of a light colour just as they did below by adding a pink tie it gave them a classic look.  
         The one wearing  the navy blue suits  complemented the darker colour  by adding a black bow tie and white shirts which illuminate well with 
           the darker  colours.


      The pent coat has multi purpose qualities you can 
            wear it at your wedding and wear it again may be 
at a party long after your wedding.

     The pent coat comes in various amazing colours
      such as Black, Ivory,Aqua and brown. You have a 
         choice to choose a colour that suits your wedding theme.

 These coats have dazzling and vibrant prints and 
       patterns and are of high quality with a shimmer and 
glow that gives an illusion to the on lookers. 

        These suits are tailored very exquisitely with a smooth
           and perfect finish added to them.This gives them an 
edgy look that screams out perfection.

Wear one of these suits and you will make a "statement."



                       ELIE SAAB HAUTE COUTURE  2013-2014|INSPIRATION|

 Lebanese designer Elie Saab, one of the world’s most fashionable (and one of Z&L’s favorite) couturiers, showcased a stunning Autumn/Winter collection.

“I tried to present a collection this time around a royal occasion. But in a very modern way, for a modern princess, who likes to treat her realm in a modern way, and the colors are from precious stones,” Saab said after the show.

His very regal and signature embellished collection shimmered down the catwalk in an opulent palette of ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue. Read more


                                                                                           Elie Saab Gowns  


                                                      UGANDAN WEDDING  

These two look so in love on their special day.

The groom in a black tuxedo while the bride is wearing a beautiful lace dress with pearls. She looks gorgeous. 

Her natural beautiful skin is so vibrant, bright with a little touch of make up. White is the theme of the day with a blend of different coloured bonquet.

    Relaxed true romance. The groom stands in a distance admiring his bride as she smiles away and strikes a sexy pose   
The day has a festive spirit' which is fun and relaxed with a mixed feminine floral accents which add a warmth to the wedding day. 
He has just put a ring on it one can just imagine the stone on her finger. It has drawn the attention of all the bridesmaids who look amazed.


the best wedding VENUE 

                               Weddings and honeymoons at the Lake Victoria Serena Resort

 Weddings and honeymoons at the Lake Victoria Serena Resort
Located on one of the lake's most beautiful bays, the resort is the wedding venue of choice for both large formal (up to 300 guests) and simply intimate events.

Uniquely, it offers an entire floor of dedicated events space, a choice of elegant reception rooms, its own Tuscan-styled restaurant with al fresco dining terraces and glass-fronted lounge, and three open-air terraces whose stunning lake views make them ideal for ceremonies and receptions alike.

Other venue choices include the typically Mediterranean terrace of the spacious pool deck, the Rose Garden Terrace (with dedicated restaurant and stylish marquee configurations), and a romantic choice of honeymoon rooms and suites.

The hotel also offers a complete wedding planning service, an unrivalled banqueting service, some unique family and friends accommodation packages and easily the most romantic selection of honeymoon suites available in Uganda. Read more



                                                      UGANDAN WEDDING  

The bride looks so beautiful in her gown and also shows of her lovely ring.

The couple seem to be reiterating their vows again in this beautiful setting.
    For better for worse I will always obey you. 

They are so into one another waw they are lovely. He takes her hand to return the gesture showing the whole world this is the love of his life. 




UGANDAN WEDDING   ( at Lake Victoria Serena Resort )

Girls look at my gorgeous  ring she is showing  of the best thing that has made her day.

 Happily in love Ronald weds Ruth at Lake Victoria Serena Resort  which has a wonderful scenery overlooking lake Victoria,It has very beautiful setting with  a fantastic fountain.

 The bride is wearing a perfect elegant classic satin lace V-Neck design. This dream dress has given the bride a glamorous sexy romantic look  she has     teamed it up with a sparkly necklace  and the bridesmaid  have chunky long string earrings,

 The pink dresses compliment well with the bride's lace gown and also blend well with the grey suit the groom is wearing.




   Mermaid dress

This falls in the category of the mermaid dresses and they are very trendy and make the bride show of all her curves as the dress was well designed and contoured.

 The creation of the flawless folds give the dress an endless flow to the eye which ends in a lovely train. 

The dress has a silk texture which gives it a shimmer and a light shine.The hair held behind helps expose her lovely long neck and overall she has pulled off a flawless look.



               ASIAN         WEDDING    CAKES
   There is a collection of wedding cakes the iced collection,chocolate, Crystal collection
  and many others some with a sponge filling or fruit.You can also choose to go for a
  bespoke cake just tailor made to fit your taste and theme of your wedding.

Asian cakes are infused with unique flowers reflecting symbolic meanings
  Some of the flowers used are Blossom of sacred lotus, Lily of the Nile, Poppy
  Water lily, Cherry which have all got a different story to tell.
   The cakes are very well decorated and they are sometimes colored in colors that  blend
  with the surrounding for example it might reflect colors of the furniture   curtains just as   seen in the pictures.


             The wedding cake is the highlight of the wedding celebrations therefore your cake should be the most important aspect of your
              wedding and it should be at the center.

             You could have any theme cake decorated by using floral patterns, ribbons,pearls and you can incorporate other special  inspirational   
             ideas to give a versatile look.There are no limits to creating the cake of your dream.



Zari changed into those two sarees during her introduction ceremony. 

 The sari is a costume draped over the waist, on top of a petticoat, with one of its end draped over the shoulder. The outfit comprises of a choli (blouse) as well, which comes a few inches below the bust line and has short sleeves and a low neck as well as back. The midriff is bared to some an extent, since there is a gap between the choli and the petticoat.   

She changed into two colors the blue and  the deeper the pink, the color that exhibits  passion and energy .
The most tranquilizing and  romantic color.

she looked gorgeous and beautiful.




Enternity is a charitable organisation owned by Amanda & Bradwells.

They generate funds through donations of discontinued bridal wear.

They have built a school in Bombo Uganda, adult learning & a bridal shop.

Donations are required of any related items.
Please get in touch if you can help or for further information





                                 ELEGANT  WEDDING  TENT  INSPIRATIONS 



The most modern trend for either indoor or outdoor weddings is to hang adornments from the ceiling. Chandeliers are most frequently used in such cases. You can place one huge crystal chandelier at the midpoint of the tent in case the reception is expected to be a formal one. Alternatively, you can have smaller girlish chandeliers hanged over each and every table. This will certainly be an amazing element and it will change the atmosphere of the occasion and your guests will spot it straight away.

If you like the idea of suspending things in the tent, but then again you do not like using the traditional chandeliers, you can certainly find many other wonderful alternatives. Hand-crafted light fittings can be made using natural materials like flowers and grapevine for an earthy touch. You can also choose to go with a contemporary graceful style and hang clear Plexiglas squares enclosed in pillar candles in order to provide a glowing and elegant atmosphere.

TARIK ediz white 2014 collection 

                                          WEDDING GOWNS

Modern Floor Length Laced Sleeve  Gown                              
Be graceful in this G1059 Dublin dress by Tarik Ediz. This amazing dress has a straight across neckline with sheer laced long sleeves. The delicate lace covers the bodice throughout for the perfect demure dress. 

                 TARIK EDIZ


        Sexy Sweet Low Open Back Gown                                



   Turkish prom designer Tarik Ediz has broken 
   into the wedding world. Get glamorous and make
   an impression in this elegant beaded mermaid gown
   at your wedding. It fits just like a glove. This                    particular dress is said to have been made for                  his daughter. 

Wedding Hairstyles & Hairdos: Updo With Hair 



Glam up your Hair on your big day with a hair piece 

Show case elegance on your big day  by finishing off your look in style with unique hair accessories, which could include diamonds, pearls or flowers in  different designs and style, to give you a complete  fabulous look.


 Wedding hair accessories


                Prince charming: Prince Wasajja is the younger brother to Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II. Prince David Kintu 
                                                           Wasajja wedded Marion Nankya Elizabeth in April 2013

                                more pictures of the Royal wedding:

They both look gorgeous the prince wore a long tailed  navy suit with a pink tie which compliments well with the grey trouser. The bride looked gorgeous too she did not wear a neck-less her jewelry was quite simple and light but this was compensated with the wide train and the beautiful dress that showed of the bride's beautiful figure. The make up was beautiful  and made her look natural with a glow.


From traditional to modern weddings Jewellery is a very important part of the overall appearance of the bride, this helps to complete the bride and make her look stunning and stand out. Believe it or not your wedding jewellery is as  important as your wedding dress,Wedding jewellery for women is so essential to make an impact of the brides look, from necklaces to the actual ring.


FABULOUS wedding rings

DIAMONDS are a girls best friend 








The dress has pearls and a touch of glitter and the hair piece and the chunky necklace are the focal points.The bride pulled it off with a striking pause. 

The background colours made her dress glimmer the pearls gave the dress a twinkle they shone and pierced through the other colours in the background combined with her beautiful smile all i can say Gorgeous. The photograph gave it a vintagish look Waw!!!

Ugandan weddings and introduction 

  TRADITIONAL          BRIDE      

The Gomesi is a floor-length, brightly colored  cloth dress with a square neckline and short, puffed sleeves. The dress is tied with a sash placed below the waist over the hips. A kikooyi or kanga is tied underneath the linen Gomesi to ensure that the fabric does not stick to the body. A well-made Gomesi can require up to six meters of cloth.

When it comes to weddings and ceremonies the materials used to make  these dresses have got an elegant twist and an edgy touch of the most extravagant and expensive textures such as colorful silky textures. They are worn by the bride to make her stand out and illuminate her beauty.

Jewelry is measured to match the patterns in the Gomesi which makes the bride look so expensive.




Hidaya introduces Aus , she looked so sophisticated in a pink Gomesi and dangling ear rings, she was so happy she couldn't hold back her glare with an amazing smile. 


Pink was the theme in this western Ugandan wedding and a combination of gold the bride sat on a brown skin hide as a mark of her tradition, the bride has came out to introduce her family to her  husband., she comes with some off the bridesmaids how assist and support her to welcome and introduce her husband.   


This bride looked pretty in pink when she introduced her love to her family. Surprise all your guests and channel your favorite, and add in a touch of pastel green to bring out the nature.





If you want it then put a ring on it, he just did that and there she is showing the ring  to the whole world. 



Red is the colour of passion, the bride is wearing an eye catching red which makesthe center of attention as it radiates, stimulates and gravitates energy.  For the bride this made her stand out with confidence.


                                                      YELLOW AND MELLOW 

Discover beautiful yellow, the colour of spring, has become more popular for weddings in Uganda. 

This is a great choice of colour for your bridesmaids, which would bring the sunshine to your big day and brighten up everything. 

These bridesmaids are wearing yellow dresses with a touch of  gold and pastel yellow bouquet

 brighten up your big-day

 with bright and bold



amazing pictures: ugandan BRIDESMAIDS 

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                                                                                                                                         Everything You Need For The Four Looks
                                                 occasion by adding a pop of
                                                    colour sparkling crystals,
                                                        feathers and flowers.  

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