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        KIZOMBA BEATS          

Nelson Frietas - Muida Linda

C4 Pedro - Vamos Ficar Por Aqui Feat Luena (Full HD) | ÁLBUM KINGCKWA

C4 Pedro - Muita Areia ft. Big Nelo & Kaysha (Video feat Rlynda)

Bruna Tatiana feat Nelson Frietas & Matias  Damasio-E so Bo 

Nelson Freitas - For You

                                                                                            Telma Lee - Meu Vicio

Nelson Freitas - Rebound Chick

B4 Los Compadres - É Melhor Não Duvidar Ft. Rita Pereira


Nelson Freitas - Certeza

Nelson Freitas - Simple Girl 

Chelsy Shantel Ft. B4 - Onde é que eu falhei (4K)


Kataleya - Atrevimento Ft. Anselmo Ralph


Nelson Freitas ft Kaysha-deeper


Kaysha : Something going on


Daniel Santacruz - Lento - Kizomba 


Pedro Lisboa Santos, the stage name "C4 Pedro," is one of the most influential musicians of the new generation of Angolan music. 
Versatile, excellent performer, composer, guitarist and producer, lived 10 years in Belgium, where the first steps in music.released their debut album "Lágrimas - Um Só Povo Uma Só Nação", a record with 20 tracks, produced and edited in 2008, in France.Read more 

Nelson Freitas: a singer, writer, producer, and also the owner of his own label. His artistic journey started as a break-dancer, then became the frontman of the infamous group Quatro.With his Cape Verdian roots and passion for Hip-Hop, R&B and House music, Nelson took the challenge to blend all these different styles Nelson collaborated with artists and producers of different ethnics like Angola, Cape Verde, Congo, Holland and Morocco to create e fresh new worldly sound. Read more

KIZOMBA: A mixture of modern beat & a touch of sensual African rythm with slow romantic rythm originated from Angola.

ZOUK: A fast rythmic carnival style of music with presence of the use of MDI synthesizer and sampling technology in the beats originated from Caribbean islands.

Read more

HIP HOP: Senegalese verb means"open your eyes & see" It also means Intelligent movement.A rhythmic 

spoken delivery of rhymes & wordplay, delivered over a beat or without accompaniment taking inspiration from the raping derived.from the Griots (folk poets) of West Africa and Jamaica-style toasting.Read more

KUDURO: Characterized as uptempo, energetic, and danceable. Kuduro began in Luanda Angola.

Initially, producers sampled traditional carnival music like Soca and Zouk beton from the
Carribean and also Semba from Angola. Read more

SEMBA: Singular meaning" a touch of bellies", a move characterized int he dance. Told through cautionary tale or story regarding day to day life & social events &activities, usually sung in a witty rhetoric.The artist is able to convey a broad spectrum of emotions. It is this characteristics that has made Semba the premiere style of music for a wide variety of Angolan social gatherings.  Read more