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Classic silver necklace, ring,and earrings. You can also wear different colors as with the gold bangle.







 Ear Rings

Silk Scarf

 Trendy Hand Bag

 Classic Watch





                             SERGIO ROSSI COLLECTION

High Heel stilettos

        Sergio is a brand to be reckoned for its quality high end artistry specialist designed foot wear,                     which calibrates, unique Patterned architectured, designed features through its products. 

        An artistic creation, uniquely molded design with elegance in mind. High caliber fashion 
        statement shoes.The golden leather pump with an open toe, a branded in sole with high stiletto. 
        It spells Gold, Gold is the theme.

      The closed toe high heel with cut out patterned designs shoe,  crowned with a golden sole 
      and a focal point design at the front of the shoe. 

     For an evening look, contrast with soft, dull jewelry and accessories to even make the  shoe
     stand out in the moment with precision. 


                Designer handbags seen on the spring/summer 2014 Fashion Week are now filtering into your local fashion stores. Spring is around 
                 the corner. Get the latest bright yellow hand bag by Adams - Limeroad. The bright yellow peep toe leather shoes with a daring sense 
                  of  design, a silver curving at the tip and the transparent see through to  show off some flesh.



                     THE ANKLE BOOTS

Ankle boots can be worn all round the season,they do come in different styles ranging from the normal to the classic elegant design. They are made from suede, leather and even cloth like khaki.

Come the rainy day you can add them to a skinny jean, leather shorts or a nice dress.You can also add to it a leather jacket to give you a rocker look. For a more casual relaxed look you can team the ankle boot and a sweater and still look good.

There also sophisticated elegant ankle boots like the one in the image with that pointed stiletto like hill worn with net tights  that  give a classy glamorous look and can be worn with skinny leather pants or a nice hugging sexy dress.




            A  classic valuable watch is a good investment, for keeping time has never been fabulous but ladies imagine staring at your stylish 
                  watch, always on time and in style. A good watch can improve your image and enable you take control in all aspects of your life.  

     It is not just about telling time. These watches make a statement they can be worn in your preferred style and design. The leather buckle                        watch gives you that sophisticated look. It can be worn to match different occasions, office look or a leisure look.

       Silver and Gold chain watches with illuminating colors make you stand out. Some watches are designed and a touch of diamonds are added
       to give it that sparkle. You can bling bling by adding on different accessories such as bangles and chains.



                                                            TRENDZ: CHUNKY CHAINZ

 Trendy  bag that will make you stand out, comes in different designs, sizes and colors for any occasion. This look was collaborated by adding a high heel red stiletto.  she looks in style and current in those sexy jeans.
 Chainz and chunky,wedged bangles put together can give an artistic design when intertwined. There is a flow  allover that gives an architectural design to this jewelry. The thin stripy bangle stands as a bridge between the wedged and the thin squared bangle which gives the eye this illusional effect. 

The chains have also been put and wrapped round the bangles which makes them look like cuffs, amazing. The chains wrapped around the neck override each other with the added glow of the golden color stand out. 

It is about playing with different shapes and putting them together, as you can see that the design of the ear pieces and the rings all are complimentary with the rest of the jewelry.  

You can also put on your own design by putting together different bangles of such stature depending on your own artistic creation. The best colors would include silver, gold you could also include materials such as brass. It is all in the name of fashion.



        Accessories are woman's must have they add that sophisticated classy touch to your look. You can bring them together depending on your                    desired outcome. They can be made to match or mish mashed to give that vibrant colorful finish. They also come in similar and different patterns        and designs.If you want uniformity that flows through to give an elegant look then you can put a set together.

      With glasses choose those that suit your face posture and shape and you will get that waw !!! factor look. They are a great asset cause they 
      leave a lot to be admired for imagination and a sense of questions left unanswered to the on lookers for what is lagging underneath those glasses.           You can pull of any look depending on the choice you want to finish up your look. You can bring on the detective look or that sexy appeal and it                could maybe a casual simple relaxed look. 



      Bags!!! Bags come in different designs and shapes and are also made from different materials. Depending on that combination you want and or               statement you want put out that will make an impact. It could be the color that gives that overall beautiful look. It could be the design that 
      makes it and you stand out. Bags range from big to the smallest clutches you could get bags for different occasions and purpose of use. There are           always new trends out there all the time so you must keep a watch full eye for them. Keep up with the times ladies.




      Watches are a great accessory which can be worn to pull off any look. They come in different designs they could be made of chains or leather.                Black and brown are a color that go well with any type of out fit. The new trend for rings is to dress all the fingers with same rings as you can 
         see or use different rings for each finger. Silver and gold are nice colors to go for but you can also try different colors that match your out fit or                you other accessories.

        Wear a necklace that will add a spark to your appearance the design of the necklace below flows with nice beautiful oval shapes and a glitter the              colors are flawless and they give you that princess look just for a moment. Try colors such as green, blue and purple you will be amazed how                   eye catching and beautiful they are.


         Some jewelry spells out UNIQUE and that is what we have here, silver bangle and necklace with alluring patterns just to die for. Pulling 
        off a look with such jewlery needs a sense of fashion that will shout out ELEGANCE. A combination of very classy outfit will give a great finish. 

        Imagine pulling off a look with those shoes, the ribbon gives a look as though it is a package ready to be sent some where special. Combined with           the black bag and a nice knee high sexy dress will give you that classic look. 




           Some of the finest amazing unique sparkling jewelry collection from Swarovski . A brand of the best crystals which come in myriad color
        effects, shapes and sizes. They will make you look glamorous with a star quality status. Try combining the stainless steel crystal set stretching               ring with the Fiorelli sterling silver Turquo Swarosvki crystal Daimus earrings.





     Samsung Gear 2 Neo - Black (smartwatch)


This great smartwatch can control your TV, track your workouts and play your favorite songs. It’s even waterproof, and does everything the Gear 2 does apart from take photos.

Sleek and lightweight design is comfortable to wear
Heart rate monitor lets you maximize your workouts
Compatible with most Samsung Galaxy smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S5., 

The Samsung Gear 2 can connect wirelessly to your smartphone so it can display your texts, emails, calendar reminders and more. It’s got a speaker and a mic so you can take calls hands free.
There’s more though. The Gear 2 Neo is great for getting or staying fit. It can track how far you've walked or run with its pedometer, and the built in heart rate monitor tells you if you’re training hard enough or if you’re too stressed. Because it’s water resistant it’s perfect for all weather sports, and with 4GB of memory you can store all your favorite workout songs on it.



                                                            FLORAL HAIR PIECE AND SPRING BANGLES



                                            Ethiopian model Israeli

Israeli looks gorgeous and sophisticated she has combined nude dull colors.
The Grey went well with the Black and both the textures have a glittery shine in them .

She adds on a spring sliver grey bangle coiled all the way.

The collar on the blouse corresponds with the skirt which have a grey color. She then softens the look by adding a hair piece in nude pink and Green.

She then bangs on some shiny silver ear rings. You can also recreate the look by adding a grey silk scarf on top of a black blouse to get a similar look.

She has a beautiful natural look with a little touch of make up which glows through the Black and Grey colors and makes her features stand out. 

                                                                                            CHUNKY BANGLES AND ANIMAL PRINT ACCESSORIES

                          BEADED  BANGLES
              STATEMENT JEWEL FLOWER                                                NECKLACE
                           STRIPE  CUFF

    Chunky bangles looking D- Shaped wide bangles are simple and elegant. Chunky statement bangles are perfect for a casual look or evening             wear. They come in a variety of colors such as gold, silver and other colors.A chunky necklace adds a great finish when teamed with dangling
    gold ear rings.

   The edges and curves on the bangles layered together give them a great striking texture. The combination of wood and contrasting colors in the        necklace softens the look to smooth things out. You can also go for the chains wrapped and layered in different colors over one another or a              mixture of different bangles banged together.

   Animal prints look cool and trendy they bring the wild side of you be them Tiger, Zebra or Leopard prints . When used as accessories for 
   example a bag or shoes try to wear them with plain colors such as black.




Posted on Tuesday, March 25 2014

Check out these new heels from the 2014 Christian Louboutin. These Christian Louboution 'So Kate'  pumps are set apart by their elegant thin heels and unique design.The clownfish striped python 120mm/5 inches heels is available to purchase on line at Louboutin US & Christian Louboutin UK.  

Beyonce looking flawless in Christian Loboution spring 2014 

Must Have Bags: Celine Tie & Box Bags In Bright Colors  
Posted on Friday, February, 21st, 2014

       Woow, that's all I can say. These bags look amazing. Am totally in love with Box Bag which you can get in a range of colors including my                  favourite (red) and three sizes, small, medium and large. the design of this bag is a combination of traditional mixed with an edge to it. 
      This is a bag that can dressed up on a dress but also can be worn on skirts and pair of jeans for the relaxed day look. 

Accessorize your look to suit any occasion by adding a pop of color, sparkling crystals, feathers and flowers. 
Posted on Thursday, February, 20th, 2014 

          There are many hair accessories to try out on any occasion to make you look elegant and feminine. These accessories are suitable
         for an up -do hair style and or a lose hairstyle. Flower fascinator is the most popular one suitable for all occasions. Such an accessory 
        will add a romantic feel to an outfit. For a more elegant and classy look, switch up your hair accessories with simple hair pins. 

Let your heels do the talking with a simple dress or outfit. Get them in any color and design
Posted on Thursday, February, 20th, 2014  

          Shoe addicts will crave these heels for their collection. These are heels that are very in style right now. The delicate details will make you                    stand out at any party. Am totally in love with the open- toed sandals in particular those in the colors gold and silver, they will change 
        your entire look and outfit. Let your heels do the talking combined with a simple dress or outfit. 

Are you an accessory-junky? Snag these statement jewelry now !! 


       Pink necklace will go well with a different color outfit in particular dark red, pale neutrals and black cocktail dress. You can add on 
      gold or silver cuffs to create a a classic look. For Urban Chic look try bold, big bangles. 


"CUFF IT!  STYLE IT! DESIGN IT !!! MAKE IT COUNT". Ear Cuffs are the new trend accessories to try out this season.



                                                                                                   EAR CUFFS GET THEM NOW                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




               Ear cuffs are fashion must have this year and are a great way to add a little funk to any outfit. The designs on each of them 
               vary and are amazing. Some have  dangling chains and others are given floral patterns and a touch of sparkling crystals. 
               For a complete set and a trendy look, just add on matching bangles and a ring.

Style up your casual wardrobe with these glamorous fashion forward  hand bags.  


                  Brown and black leather bags are compatible with many different color outfits and could be used  as a form of accessory on jeans
                 and black tights. You can also add a pop of color on your every day look, with a yellow, orange or blue bag. This is a fun look suitable
                 for all occasion and places and is a good way of adding color to a dull outfit.  

 Flats Fit for all occasions ranging in variety of , colors, styles & textures 



          Check out this collection of flats. These are a perfect choice for comfort but also very stylish indeed. Different color flats are great 
         on jeans and a can be worn on a maxi dress. Try out the pastel orange flat which goes well on evening mini dress. 

Statement Rings Trend Alert: Mid Figure Rings 

            Present your unique personal finger display that reflects the true you. Wear rings on your knuckles or middle of your finger in different                    sizes so that they overlap each other to bring an edgy look. This is a hot trend that has emerged this season.Celebrities such as Rita Ora 
          and Kirsten Stewart have been seen displaying this trend there and about and look fabulous. Mid finger rings are a great way of adding
         pop to any outfit.     



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