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Look Good and Feel Confident

    Look Good & Feel Confident: Everything You Need For The Four Looks

Posted on Saturday, 22nd, 2014
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Shake up your look and choose colours that illuminate your complexion so that you get a youthful look like our own Grace Nakimera. Less is more for the classy chick glam look. Apply a simple  lip colour that contrasts with your skin tone. For the finish, apply a purple eye shadow with a black eye liner for the "woow" factor every time you blink " blink". Click here to check out more fun and   wearable make up tips. 

"Get the perfect polished look like a cover girl. Create                                                 "This is a fab look for a special occasion like a weeding.                                        
this look by applying  Clinique foundation, simple purple lipstick and                    Create this look by first applying a foundation of your choice plus a red                  
natural looking eye shadow to create a natural look".                                                     lip bum.  Pick out any eye shadow of your choice as this depends on your colour                                                                                                                                                                  of skin. Add a light eye pencil on your inner eye lid white a black on top".   


"Ever wondered what makes Grace Nakimera look youthful, well                                       "I totally love this look. Anyone who wants to make a statement without
the secret is off course drink a lot of water for the skin. Grace is pretty                                    looking to much, well this is the look. The orange lip                                   
picky when it comes to what make up. For the glowing skin, simply apply                              stick colour is so in style right now and can be rocked with different 
Milan foundation and a shimmy of brown powder on the top of the                                           skin tones".                                          
eye lid. Try it out yourself". 

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