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Hair Tutorial

                          Hair Tutorial- Get The Perfect Soft Wavy Curls 

                                                                                             Posted: Thursday, February, 13th, 2014
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                                                              First and all most section your hair up at the back then spray it with Tresemme heat defence spray to protect the hair from the                                                        heat being used. You can use Nume Curl Jam Tri-Fect 32mm then section more hair. To get the perfect curls, make sure that you                                                curl the hair away from the face. Wrap the hair around the straightener and leave for ten seconds. After 10 second take it away                                                      and use l'orea hold  spray. 


     Check out how to get the perfect curls by clicking on the below 

                                                  Looking Flawless girl, loving the pink lip

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