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sylvia owori:
  Afropolitan Collection 

Sylvia Owori represented Uganda at the just concluded Africa Fashion Week London.The Afropolitan collection was inspired by the journey from line to structure. She believes there has to be a journey behind an outfit.With a heavy focus on sharp silhouettes executed in bold tropical colours, and offset with indigenously crafted accessories, this collection was created with today’s urban yet afro-centric woman in mind. Each piece is bold, impeccably tailored and commands an audience. To her, this collection aesthetically represents the ideal marriage of urban and indigenous elements in fashion. The tropical colour palette comprises of bold and tastefully blocked hues of yellow, green and blue. Read more. 

 Owori's Afropolitan Collection 2014-2015,
Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL).    



Edgy ground breaking design and creation by Awori, based on primary colors Green, Yellow and Blue with a touch of black. She created contrast with the silk striking materials and complimented them with a more subtle materials which blended together well and made each piece stand out in it's own uniqueness. She also drew attention to the unique features on the out fit by creating and highlighting a small piece to make it the focal point.All the models looked amazing.

la diosa london   


LA DiOSA, was born out of the creative style, passion and ambition of  Natasha Faith (Ugandan) and Semhal Zemikael, (Ethiopian)  a young London-based design duo.  The friends travelled the world for a year to seek inspiration for their multi-award winning business, LA DiOSA, which specializes in fine jewelry, high-end fashion jewelry and luxury scarves. Their initial travels took them to the Mayan ruins of Mexico, the exotic islands of Thailand and electrifying destinations such as Tokyo, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Read more. 

            some of the Honey - Moon CollectioN 
          " collection  represents love, trust and beauty. The perfect gift for yourself or loved one!"







Jose Hendo  eco-friendly fashion 
Award winning Ugandan  designer José Hendo takes a fresh approach to contemporary fashion design, challenging the obsolescent nature of fashion, and the throw away culture. The label is passionately conscious of the times and is inspired by the world around us. Read more. 

the resonance COLLECTION  
The Resonance collection has been beautifully crafted from bark cloth           





contacts ss 12 COLLECTION 
          Contact SS 2012 plays on the subtle contrasts of different tones and textures of organic cotton.            




 Totally        Ethnik

The company offers various products inspired by the use of materials such as Kente of Ghana, Bogolan of Mali and “Poids Baoule” of Cote d’Ivoire. Read more. 

Totally Ethnik captures the essence of Africa and combines it with the best of what the modern world has to offer. The result is a rich, modern and fresh style, full of vitality. prestigious Arise magazine and endorsed by super model Oluchi. Wavamu

Birds of Paradise/Metropolis Collection 





gloria wavamunno   

Gloria Wavamunno is the daughter to Kampala businessman Gordon Wavamunno, She has graced the Johannesburg fashion week and her works were featured in the prestigious Arise magazine and endorsed by super model Oluchi. Wavamunno presented her most recent collection from her eponymous fashion label “Not a Dream. Read more


sun/ rain collection 12 
          Gloria WavaMunno was one of the featured designers showcasing at AFWNY .  which is one of the biggest  fashion show in Africa with leading African designers            

pidgin plait hats  

Pidgin Hats represent a collaboration between a successful British millinery designer-lecturer and a group of women from the Bulange sub-county in Namutumba, who have learned to make couture headwear. Read more. 



                                         SOLOME KATONGOLE

               Stripe Me Again - Fall 2012              




Solome Katongole is a label that specializes in ready to wear and customized women’s clothing. Solome Katongole is the designer behind the label; despite the fact that she has a bachelors of science in biology, she has always been aware of fashion from a young age and as she grew older her passion for fashion design grew as well. Her Ugandan culture has helped to influence her creativity in making garments. Read more.


          Gloria WavaMunno was one of the featured designers showcasing at AFWNY .  which is one of the biggest  fashion show in Africa with leading African designers           



biika: bags and bows 
Biika is a Ugandan (Afrocentic) label which was founded in 2012 by two amazing Ugandan girls, it creates a variety of unique and beautiful Ugandan inspired bags , bows and other accessories. They use Ugandan materials such as the kioyi which you can see is used of the bag on the let with the reds, yellows and blacks. The word Biika comes from a Rukiga word which means "To Keep"

biika bags and bows  COLLECTION
    Some of the BIIKA bags and Bows collection with an African and Ugandan twist, bright colours, tribal prints and animal prints, amazing!!!!       



                           zaNna: conscious: unique: chic

                       ILLUMINATE THE
Jewellery: Necklaces, Earrings,Bracelets (Men & Women)
Accessories: Scarves - Unisex                       




Founded by Ugandan and British born Linda Lwanga, ZANNA is an "inspirational form of cultures and old artisan techniques and keeping these alive for generations". Linda Lwanga left the UK TO follow her passion and dream and push her boundaries of fashion and integrate African materials to create unique pieces out of Africa. these pieces are sold on to high end markets in the Europe and the United States. She uses materials such as Ugandan Cow Horns to create amazing high end jewellery and materials from south Africa and Ethiopia to create luxury bags. ZANNA brand is not only about jewelly and bags the ledal is also introducing Home Furnishing and Organic cosmetics. 



ZANAA represents Conscious, Unique, Chic Jewellery and accessories.
Not only does it refer to each product’s key benefit: Uniqueness and one of a kind due to the nature of products being hand –made to a high standard as no two products are identical; it also suggests high attention the source of the products being direct from the hands of African artisans who are fairly paid for their work.Initially being favoured by spontaneous, fashion-conscious and Ethical Trade conscious early adopters, ZANAA products will very rapidly become a well known brand-name in all households available at fair affordable prices for a broad spectrum of socio-economic groups.ZANAA designs are hand made by artisans in Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa in turn helping to grow their communities, Read more.