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Bulange Lukiiko Buganda Kingdom



                                             The Pearl of Africa - Uganda (Buganda Kingdom)   






NOTE; This article doesn't represent the entire picture of the Buganda kingdom's affairs or how it operates in it's entirety. This is a glimpse of a vast and historical kingdom, with unique,complex structures and governance which have been in existence and span for centuries and also embedded into the structures of Uganda as a whole. It is just a guide to give an insight of the system with lots of imagery and videos of some of the operations within the Kingdom.

( Kabaka - King, Katikiiro - Prime Minister, Nabagereka - Queen, Lukiiko - Parliament, Bulungi Bwansi - Community Service, Sazza - County, Gombolola - Sub County )

Buganda has been a mighty prominent affluent kingdom for centuries and this can be traced back through their lineage to Kiva Bulaya who is supossed to have ruled in the region from about 400 AD until about 1300 AD,This involved seven original clans then around 1200 AD to 1400 AD  hundred it was ruled by by Kabaka Kato Kintu who added 13 new more clans and around 1370 AD Kabaka  Kimera son of Kabaka Kalemera who addaed 11 more clans since then more clans were added through migration or by the Kabakas 23 clans were added and all those make up the clans of Buganda. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century Buganda Kingdom was the largest and most powerful in East had sophisticated administrative systems  and strong strategic leadership.The first strategic meetings transpired when Kabaka Kintu won his battle against Bemba at Magonga hill and he called for a meeting which in those days was held at the kabaka's palace under trees this beheld the beginning of the Lukiiko which transcended and sealed the pillars of governance holding the kingdom to today.

When the first colonial masters arrived in Buganda they were surprised to find the sophisticated systems and structures of leadership, the division of land into counties (Sazzas), sub counties (Gombololas) and sub parishes (Miluka) in the Buganda Kingdom also the administrative and judicial systems in place and decided to implement them into the Uganda protectorate and have carried through till present. Kabaka Edward Mutesa II who was exiled in Scotland admired the parliament there and he wanted one for his kingdom where the Lukiiko would convene meetings. Bulange (Parliament) was constructed at Mengo.

Bulange (lukiiko) situated at Mengo is where strategic decisions are made. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II convenes parliamentary meetings for the kingdom. He has a Cabinet of Ministers who hold positions just like any other parliament. Here Economic,Social, Political,Cultural decisions are carried out. The Prime Minister is nominated by the Kabaka as an advisor to him on matters regarding investment, import and export trade, cultural and heritage of the kingdom  and other strategic issues. The Kabaka has also a network of Bagandas abroad who have similar roles in those communities to carry out the continuation of the traditions even when away from home. This makes it an expansive Buganda kingdom wherever the Baganda are they continue to embed their ethos, values and traditions into the future generations. This encompasses the traditional heritage and cultural issues for the future existence and continuation of the kingdom. Those abroad in countries such as the UK, US, South Africa, and many European countries coordinate back to Bulange through leaders and officials elected by the Kabaka.

Buganda a well established monarchy has had a number of kings, who are the overall sovereign leaders of the kingdom. The kingdom had an effective infrastructure divided into counties called the Masaza and within them sub counties called the Gombololas and then parishes called the Miluka from which leaders were elected by Kabaka to represent, implement, coordinate and report back on the well being of the kingdom. Today this still applies where leaders get directives from Bulange at the top and are delegated responsibilities to address issues in their communities on maters regarding Growth, Prosperity, Social, Culture merged with Customs and Traditions. These are carried through a system of different clans led by chiefs,elders, and leaders, Who continue to embed the customs traditions and heritage of the Baganda . They have a hierarchical system of reporting which starts within the community and flows to different divisions of authority and back to the parliament. This glues and makes networking,administrative and flow of communication easy about the execution,oversight, implementation and coordination as required from the top at Bulange. Matters on strategy are managed and executed effectively through this style of reporting.

Buganda sits on land size of 23707.9 sq miles with lake Victoria and lake Kyoga as its shores. It is a very fertile and green through out the year and receives ample rain. Buganda gained prosperity in the past from its rich resources the people were mostly peasants whose livelihood depended on agriculture. Matoke (bananas) was one of the staple food they grew and traded with neighboring kingdoms and generated a lot of income for Buganda. Sitting on the two shores of Lake Victoria and lake Kyoga the fishing sector thrived.The Baganda had also invented the bark cloth which was made from the bark of a tree (omutubba). This was a breakthrough for the Baganda it was a cloth they would wear and keep warm. It also became an income generating stream by selling  bark cloth to the neighboring kingdoms who did not have this cutting edge skill at the time. The economy of Buganda continued to boom. Coffee also has been a source of income for the people and other crops which have generated income from exports abroad. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is urging his subjects to embrace farming, by adopting transformational environmentally friendly techniques and new technologies which will help enrich the soils with better yields and to enhance the products by value addition.This will enable them to compete at global level.

The kabaka Muwenda Mutebi opens the 21st Lukiiko at Bulange.He also addresses the parliament and urges Baganda to focus on agriculture

 Source NTV       Source NTV

The Katiikiro Charles Peter  Mayiga was appointed by the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to the position of katikiro after serving in the Buganda kingdom since 1987. In 1991 he served as secretary to the council of elders and in 1993 his role changed to Bugandas Minister of Information and Official Spokes man for the kingdom.The Katikiro's  responsibilities are to advice the Kabaka  on maters regarding economical issues to promote investment opportunities, land issues, export opportunities, global trade and partners,Tourism, Cultural and Social.The Katiikiro and the cabinet Ministers make strategic plans for the development of the kingdom and align them with opportunities in the external environment. He has an important role to play in mobilizing the Bagandas abroad to championing the values, traditions and culture of Buganda and make them more involved in the affairs of the buganda kingdom with elected leaders from each country helps to drive development and harmony to the Buganda kingdom, The Katikiiro and Cabinet Minister engage in business maters with many countries around the world and look for opportunities to bring in investors and also managing projects within the kingdom and oversee their effective implementation.
The Kabaka and Katiiro are involved and interested in business Ventures, Partnerships with the local business people and Cooperatives which deal with the local farmers to do business. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II requested the new Katikiiro (Prime Minister) Charles Peter Mayiga to accept the Damulla ( Maze) at the grace official opening of the Maze handover ceremony.The Transition was witnessed by many official visitors the Katikiiro accepted the maze which was handed to him and under the cultural traditions with protection from the heart clan he was escorted while he took away the Maze to a safe place called Potikilo Katikiiro's residence. Watch more from videos below. 


Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and situated in the middle of the Buganda kingdom with Enttebbe airport a few kilometers to Kampala. Buganda sits on the shores of Lake Victoria, shares the lake with  neighboring countries Tanzania and Kenya whose boarders sit on the Indian Ocean. Kampala is the business center of Uganda and neighboring countries come there to trade. It is situated in the middle and has roads running to Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan,Kenya,Congo and Burundi creating business and investments opportunities for Buganda Kingdom and Uganda. The Kabaka and his Cabinet Ministers scour the Economical Environment to find opportunities for investment and development and how to gain competitive advantage within the other markets. they drives forward the strategy and stress the importance of value addition and production of quality goods which beg for better returns on investment. As you can see from the video below Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II visited traders in Kikubo the center and backbone where trade is conducted to offer support and encourage them where thousands turned up. Under the umbrella Buganda - Expo various sectors of businesses are exposed to external markets, areas such as Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism, Manufacturers, Culture and many other are presented to millions who come to attend. In 2014 the Kabaka donated tractors to individuals in the kingdom to promote Agro-Tourism in the region. As an advocate Katikiiro Charles Peter Mayiga stressed the benefits this was going to bring about not only was it going to spur generation of income but boost agriculture and food security. The farms were created with a focus to educate the other farmers and tourists on viable farming techniques. Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga visited Nakawa where he gave a speech on good leadership and other topics to Uganda revenue authority who had come to support and made donations towards the fundraising to develop Buganda Kingdom through Etofalli initiative he said, "It is important leaders lead by example. Katikirro emphasized the importance of good leadership and hailed that through transparency can there be good leadership, it is also very important to be held accountable and accept responsibility for our actions. Leaders must also be transformational innovative and forward looking to bring positive change that accelerates growth and prosperity." He also urged businesses to pay their due taxes as these are the driving force that fuel the development in the public sector. Though faced with many challenges and barriers the Kabaka wont be hindered and deterred from his vision on the road map of developing the infrastructure. The Kabaka commissioned the Muganzilwazza a shopping center (shopping Mall) as an investment in the local economy, more needs to be constructed to satisfy the appetite for demand for rental space for businesses and housing in real estate.

                   Source NTV

                  Source NTV
            Source NTV

Under Katikiiro Charles Peter Mayiga's leadership he has facilitated economic cooperation with businesses both at home and abroad he has also stimulated economic growth through investment opportunities and good investor relations. The Expo-Tourism a platform that helps businesses to connect to buyers, investors and other businesses all around the world., This helps businesses analyse the economical and external environment for opportunities to help gain competitive advantage through networks and relations they build.It helps them learn about new businesses and how the business mechanism function for example areas like the Value chain, Barriers to entry into certain businesses, how to be competitive especially by adding Value to products building partnerships through ventures and alliances, How to raise capital and also to get awareness about competition laws rules and regulations of export and import in different countries. This has been a triumph for the Buganda Kingdom as a channel to connect businesses worldwide and spur economic growth.


Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga who is on a working trip to China has met with Mr. Wang Feng, the Henan Provincial Minister of Investment and Economic Cooperation in the Henan capital of Zhengzhou. The two leaders discussed investment opportunities in a bid to attract Chinese investors to both Buganda Kingdom and Uganda. Ms Li Meixiang, Mr. Wang’s deputy also attended the meeting.“We have a lot opportunities in agriculture, real estate, tourism, education, and minerals among others. What we need are people who have the resources to undertake these opportunities,” Katikkiro Mayiga told his host. “We are keen for partnerships that will develop our beautiful country and at the same time create jobs for our young people.” Mr Wang welcomed the Katikkiro’s proposal and promised to sell Buganda and Uganda to more Chinese investors. “I want to thank you for visiting us. We will support you in attracting Chinese investors to the kingdom and your country,” Mr Wang said. Katikkiro Mayiga informed the minister that Henan Guoiji Group, a Zhengzhou based company, has already partnered with the kingdom to build Mirembe Villas, a real estate project on Kabaka’s land in Kigo, on the shores of Lake Victoria. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi  launched the multimillion-dollar project.The Katikkiro met the directors of Henan Guoiji Group and discussed opportunities where the Chinese multinational would invest in low cost housing.The Katikkiro was accompanied by his minister for investments, Owek Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa and that of land Owek. Martin Kasekende. Others on the trip are David Kiwalabye Male, the CEO Buganda Land Board and Roland Ssebuwufu, the CEO of Buganda Commercial Undertakings Ltd (BICUL), the kingdom’s investment firm. Read more

Buganda Prime Minister Peter Mayiga has met with King Mswati III  of Swaziland and discussed how the two kingdoms can work together to foster development . According to the statement released by the kingdom, the Katikiiro who led a delegation from Buganda was hosted to a private audience and dinner where he delivered Kabaka Ronald's warm regards to the king and the people of Swaziland. " By meeting with His Majesty King of Swaziland,we were looking for ways through which we can work together to transform our respective Kingdoms. " Katikiro Mayiga said in a statement adding. " The Kingdom of Swaziland and that of Bugand have a lot of similarities. It was important that we meet the King so that more doors can be opened ." Buganda Kingdom has flourishing relationships with King Mswati Read more


 Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) and Buganda Kingdom, through Majestic Brands, 
 the investment arm of the kingdom, have partnered to brew a new beer brand called Ngule.
 The beer is made from cassava and sorghum all of which are sourced locally from Buganda 
 and Uganda. Unveiling Ngule at the Enkuuka- Buganda’s annual, year-ender party held in Lubiri,
 Mengo, the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, hailed Ngule as a “job-making” and “
 wealth-creating” innovation by the kingdom.

 “Ngule beer is an innovation (obuyiiya) which is a key agenda on Buganda’s strategic plan. 
 The creation of Ngule will significantly contribute to the kingdom’s income and create jobs for
 people in Buganda and elsewhere, from distributors to sellers as well as farmers in Buganda 
 and outside Buganda that will grow the beer’s ingredients mainly cassava,” he said.Read more


Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga on his visit to Swaziland met King Mswati III who had urged to build strong partnerships and work together he also hinted on the foreign income potential from tourism. Katikiiro also urged the Baganda to continue flying the flag high for the support for Buganda Kingdom  and as Bagandas to strengthen the continuation of the culture and heritage into future generation. On his visit and his delegation to Sweden they were welcomed by the Bagandas who live in Sweden. He told them to value their culture and teach their children about the culture and traditions of Buganda because these will be the flag bearers in the future. He spoke about the the Buganda Kingdom and its restoration, The Kabaka, the importance of culture heritage and traditions of Buganda He also asked the Bagandas to champion for federal he explained it does not mean breaking away from Uganda but sharing power not necessarily political but to be able to safeguard Buganda land and to  manage their own affairs and manage their resources, for example managing the local government and working in areas like Education, Health be able to eradicate poverty, Economic growth and many more. They also want to mark the boarders of Buganda as Buganda  heritage is based on clans and each clan has its origin within these boarders so without these boarders these clans are cleansed of their heritage. Katikiiro also visited the Uk and then Boston in America accompanied by Prince Chrispin Junju the Kabakas son. He spoke about the importance of equality, respect for others including those in Buganda who are not Bagandas. To start investing back in Buganda getting more involved in doing business in Boston and also back in Buganda being more creative especially on the business side. 



Katikiiro in the drive to fundraise through the theme ETOFALLI to raise funds from contributions from  the people's  involvement  help from companies  home and abraod 
to help with the construction of Buganda Kingdom. The funds collected have helped in building and restoration of the Masengere and other areas of historical significance such as the heritage of Buganda the construction and renovation of the Kasubi tombs which was engulfed in fires. and help with the restoration of the culture traditions of Buganda Kingdom. Here he has representatives from the various counties Sazzas, Gombololas which help with mobilizing the collection of the Ettofali as you will see from the photo and videos below of the visits the Katikiiro has paid to different communities ,institutions  and the international communities just as we have seen in the videos above for the development of Buganda Kingdom

In the photo Katikiiro Peter Charles Mayiga and his delegation on a fund raising event for Etofalli at Buganda primary school present was the Kaggo of Kyandondo and the  Gomboloa deputy Chief  of  Kyadondo Omuk Navtam  Gosai and other executive members from other counties and organisations . 

Below in the video Katikiiro and the Kaggo of Kyadondo Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule  visited Kawempe to collect the Etoffali contributed from the people there they were welcomed by the Mayor of Kawempe Mr Mubarak Munyagwa there were many who attended the event 

The last video the katikiiro visited Makerere University an educational institute where the students had collected contributions towards Etoffali. The Etofalli was handed to the katikiiro by the leader at Makerere University MUBs business school Mr Waswa Balunywa, who also had held a position in Busoga as the Katikiro.

Also in the same video contributions were made towards the Buganda Kingdom courtesy of the Uganda Revenue Authority which has given back to Buganda Kingdom for the restoration and construction of the Kingdom. Katikiiro thanked them in his speech and said it is important for the Uganda Revenue Authority to embrace Transparency in order  to manage effectively the resources as it is a circulation network that collects manages taxes for the Economic development of the country
    Source WBS
   Source WBS

The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II welcomes and has engagements with other monarchies, dignitaries from the business world, politicians he is also takes foreign trips to attend to maters regarding Economical Global issues and  push forward the agenda for Buganda Kingdom.  
The Baganda's hospitality of engaging with others radiates from their warm loving welcoming nature and tolerance for others.The Kabaka carries on this legacy through the shadows of his forefathers who stood for the same principles. Kabaka builds bridges and pillars by creating close working relations with other kingdoms with which they share values  and need to intercede for the preservation of the structural backbone which holds our historical cultures and traditions while also indulging in the modernization of their monarchies to stay relevant and propel  to the Global Standards with the international business world with whom he conducts and promotes the Economical, Technological,Social, Cultural, opportunities and show cases the tourism and the projects some of which are charitable such as  sustainability of the natural resources for the progression and prosperity of the kingdom home and abroad.Dignitaries from different countries and monarchs have been welcomed by the Kabakas before him his great grand father Kabaka Mutesa I welcomed the first Christian missionaries to Buganda and also as you will see from the video Kabaka Mutesa II Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi's father welcomed Princess Margret from Great Britain at her visit to Uganda. Many have since followed in those foot steps and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has  embraced and welcomed them to the kingdom.

Kabaka Edward Mutesa II welcomes Princess Margret from Great Britain On Her Visit To Uganda In 1965

                                                                        Source British PATHE

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has build strong relations and ties with other monarchies and other governments home and abroad and continues to uplift the traditions and heritage of the Buganda Kingdom this can be witnessed in photos below: (Photo 1) Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II With King Mswatti of Swaziland      
(Photo 2) Kabaka Ronald Mutebi Shares A Drink With King Oyo of Toro (Photo 3) Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi Welcoming The Head Of Princes Ashanti Kingdom Oheneba Adusei Poku and  Nephew Of The  King Of Princes Ashanti Kingdom Oheneba Adusei Poku and Nephew of the king. Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II also paid a visit to the Ashanti Kingdom Kumasi in Ghana in 2008 where he was invited to serve as guest of honour of a special "Akwasidae celebrations".
Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II spoke to the media before entering a closed-door meeting with the Asantehene, Kabaka Mutebi, said the visit, which was his first to Ghana, was to strengthen the already cordial relationship existing between the Kingdom of Buganda and that of the Asante as well as Uganda and Ghana as a whole, adding that, it would further boost the quest for greater unity and development on the African Continent.He said the visit would also afford him the opportunity to learn at first hand the history, culture and traditions of the Asante people, which he had heard and read about many times during the visit, Kabaka Mutebi would visit Nobewam and Hwereso in the Ejisu-Juaben District; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited plant and the National Cultural Centre all in Kumasi Read more
   Source    Source  Source 

(Photo 1 Opp) Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II met and had discussions with the US ambassador Scot Delisi.

(Photo 2 Opp) Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II met The President of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta where they engaged into discussions.


Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II Meets Pope On His Visit To Uganda

Pope Francis met with th Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and Nnabagereka Sylvia Naginda during the holy Fathers visit in Uganda. Buganda kingdom said the meeting took place at the residence of Kampala Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Lwanga in Lubaga a surbub.
"The Kabaka gave pope a portrait of Ssekabaka Mutesa I who invited the missionaries to come and spread the gospel to his people"Mengo said in a statement seen by ChimpReports
Officials said " Pope Francis prayed for the Kabaka and his queen. He also presented to them bibles and Rosaries. Read more

Watch video above


The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II embraces and unifies all  religions, During the preparations for his 60th birthday in 2014 he attended Muslim prayers at Nabigoye
During the event to commemorate Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II enthronement prayers were organised by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council,led by Sheikh Rajab Kakoza the Buganda Kingdom's Minister for Trade, Marketing and Cooperatives Owek Mohamood Thoban delivered a speech on behalf of the Buganda Kingdom. In the video at the opening of the Masengere after their construction the Kabaka unveiled the monument of a lion statue during the celebrations. Prayers were led by the Anglican Church joined in with other religious leaders from different denominations,dignitaries and crowds of people.

Source NBS TV
Uganda Muslim Supreme Council

UMSC News – Kampala (Friday July 24th 2015)

Special prayer was held at the National Mosque in commemoration of 
the enthronement of His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II which will be held on July 31st 2015 in Ssesse – Kalangala District.
The prayers were led by the head of Imams of the National Mosque Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza and they were presided over by His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Shk. Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje.In a message read for him by the Buganda Kingdom’s Minister in charge of Trade, Marketing and Cooperatives Owek. Mohamood Thoban, the Katikiro (Prime Minister) of Bugada Kingdom Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga commended UMSC for standing in solidarity with Buganda Kingdom on issues of unity, education and development.Read more

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda II and his wife Nabagereka.(Queen) Sylvia Nagginda, who plays an important role and carries responsibility on behalf of the Buganda Kingdom 
a wife, a mother and the charitable work she does through her foundation the NABAGEREKA DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION the foundation helps people in
the local communities and others from abroad.She is focused on educating the youth and giving them life long skills that will lead them and prepare them to
contribute into the world.She also promotes the well being of the people and works with medical bodies to help prevent diseases through programmes of immunizations
She supports her husband the kabaka and sometimes represents him on official duties home and abroad.


Guests and well-wishers thronged the Ugandan capital, Kampala, for the country's first royal wedding.

The Kabaka, or king of Uganda's influential Buganda kingdom, married a British-born former public relations executive in a lavish ceremony watched by thousands.The king, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, exchanged vows with Sylvia Nagginda Luswata, a former World Bank employee, in Kampala's Anglican cathedral. The guests included President Yoweri Museveni. Ugandans.The wedding of Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, the 37th Kabaka, and his queen or Nabagereka, was dubbed the "wedding of the century".Nearly 10,000 people, including members of foreign royal families, were invited to the reception at the Buganda royal palace at Mmengo.Celebrations were also taking place in a nearby stadium, with hundreds of thousands of subjects expected to attend.  Read more


Nabagereka Sylivia Naginda below served the Kabaka  Ronald Muwenda Mutebi ii a cake on his birthday where many came to enjoy in celebration with the royal family.



The Nnabagereka Development Foundation (NDF) is a fully registered charitable organisation founded in 2000 by the Queen of the Kingdom of Buganda (Nnabagereka), Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda Luswata. Buganda Kingdom is the largest Traditional Cultural Institution in Uganda and one of the oldest in Africa, having been in existence for more than 800 years. NDF is the leading organisation using cultural frameworks and voices to engineer development solutions. NDF’s unique positioning is grounded from the Buganda Kingdom’s cultural background enables it to balance positive traditional practices and values with modern contemporary values. NDF celebrates and uses key pillars within Buganda Kingdom Cultural Identity. Strategically positioned as an organisation using cultural leadership, platforms and spaces to engineer development; NDF is a highly credible organization and well positioned in society to make differences at the national and international level. NDF has in a place a fully functional Secretariat based in Kampala led by the Chief Executive Officer; an 11-Member Governance Board comprised of distinguished eminent persons headed by a Chair; 4 Subsidiary Boards and; a 5-Member Board of Trustees headed by HRH Queen Sylvia Nagginda, Nnabagereka of Buganda Kingdom. Read more

Institutional Development :                                                                                                                                               
Culture voice: To lead  as the voice of Africa, through collabration with other parties, reach out to other cultural leaders,in Africa through networking
in areas such as Education,Health, culture womens leadership and to establish strategic partnerships

 Institutional Development      Culture voice

Sustainable livelihood & agriculture:  This is achieved through the continuation of traditional and modern practices, the process of Value chain production, storage and
markets , improving efficiency of utilization of traditional justice mechanism and building partnerships through dialogue.                                                                                 Social transformation :  It is a culture where people are required to posses communal responsibility, volunteering spirit, trans formative leadership 
and have integrity, promoting traditional values and honest practices. Under the umbrella kisakatte include social skills,occupational skills,acquisition of moral skills 
and mentoring for lifelong skills   

 Sustainable livelihood & agriculture     Social transformation

institutional develpopment: Capacity building for board directors,Training of board members and NDF staff members on project management, capacity building
for NDF board of directors and staff on fundraising resource mobilization, risk management, funding and partnerships, strengthening the capacity of the program  
officer in managing non- governmental organisations                                                                                                               
Economic empowerment: Support for orphans and the abandoned support for the disabled

 institutional develpopment   Economic empowerment

Education: Girls bursary for disadvantaged girls, physically disabled, individuals from poor backgrounds, have established a youth vocational 
school in Wakiso district
Health:  Programs about sexual reproductive health, safe mother hood, family planning and child nutrition




Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II champions Bulungi Bwansi and continues to instill these values in all the communities. Bulungi Bwansi is a practice that has been in place for centuries and practiced through out the Buganda Kingdom, This is just like the Cooperate social responsibility but in this case it also includes individuals and communities coming together collectively to give service for the good of the community. It can be also referred to as environmental sustainability because procedures like recycling, Reforestation planting trees, Agricultural sustainable methods,Clean water, Flood resistance methods, Use of environmentally methods and restoration of land, Clean rubbish management methods, keeping environment clean are all part of what people contribute towards keeping the planet safe.Communities have embraced and continued the principle and the impact and benefits it has on the environment is enormous. Also it is not limited or restricted to cleaning but cuts across a broad range of activities for example Health giving needy free diagnosis and health advice, education it could be mentoring to exchange skills, organizing a day out for children in need to have fun. It is about being courteous, volunteering time, giving back to the community and building strong communities for good of society and give back with appreciation.


        KABAKA Ronald Muwenda Mutebi tour of Busiro County to promote Bulungi Bwansi (Community Service).

Speaking at the main celebrations at the county headquarters, in Sentema, Wakiso district, Mutebi urged people to focus on custom of collective volunteerism within communities to promote development and fight poverty.He called on schools to instill the practice of community service among their students.
The Kabaka commissioned four plays which will be performed in schools to educate people on Buganda culture and norms.During his tour, he visited several areas in Wakiso, Including Katabi Sub County, Namayumba, Kakiri and Wakiso.

He encouraged cultural leaders to work together with local government officials to fight poverty among the people, saying there is still a big gap in delivery of social services.
"If we promote collective volunteerism in our communities, our people especially the youth will be able to support themselves to fight poverty and do many other things to improve situations in different areas," he added.

At the main celebrations, Prince Richard Ssemakokiro was also officially introduced to the public.The Katikiro Peter Charles Mayiga, urged people to be innovative to promote value addition for local products like local brew and others to compete at the national and regional markets. Read more

The Assembly of Ministers at Bulange drive forward the strategies and make sure objectives are achieved in areas such as Education, Health, Employment  and have a dedicated a team to address the agenda of Bulungi Bwansi, Led by the prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga, Minister of state for royal visits and Bulungi Bwansi Owek Mariam Mayanja and Minister of state for Local Government Owek Joseph Kawuki work tirelessly to drive policies and align strategies with the Gombolola chiefs who are responsible for the implementation and execution to achieve the required outcome.The Gombolola and Sazza chiefs posses good leadership which entails good governance, collaborative and negotiation skills as they have to work together with other Gombololas to ensure uniformity and conformity across the kingdom, The impact and success of the projects requires proper mobilization of the communities, proper communication channels and management a duty and responsibility of the Gombolola chiefs and their teams, who also coordinate and report the results back to Bulange.


     Katikiiro (PM) Charles Peter Mayiga
 Minister of state for royal visits & Bulungi Bwansi Owek Mariam Mayanja                 Minister of state for Local Government Owek Joseph Kawuki

Below are a compilation of videos of communities and people from all different kinds of walks who took initiative to perform Bulungi Bwansi in their respective communities
Residents from Gomba came together to reconstruct their road which had been damaged by floods due to heavy rains it was not fit for purpose and  inaccessible, They hailed Gold mine company for donating them with pipes to help the drainage system which they fitted together. They also thanked their leader Juma Wetonze for putting his community first and for the donations and support he offered for the construction of the road which had unfortunately claimed the lives of two young children..
Residents of Rubagaand  KCCA (Kampala City Council) were at the Masiro near Kasubi tombs doing their share of Bulungi Bwansi they were joined in by Dr Ben Kiwanuka minister of Health in Buganda Kingdom and other dignitaries and the residents, Dr Ben Kiwanuka addressed companies to deploy recycling methods for plastic rubbish, he also lectured to KCCA about effective rubbish management and urged the people to keep their area and Amasiro clean.Donations were offered by well wishers and the police was so much involved in the cleaning and promised to keep the place secure.
In Nalukolongo Ntake bakery management and staff joined together with the neighboring people did their Bulungi Bwansi they cleaned cleared shrubs
swept roads. The manager was so happy that they all worked together as a community to do good and give back to the community.
Students from schools around Mukono joined arms together for Bulungi Bwansi they cleaned the local market swept the streets and helped clean the local hospital
Even Ugandans leaving abroad in Canada had a day to celebrate Bulungi Bwansi in Canada they performed danced and came together as a sign of solidarity for
 this good cause.

     Source Agatliiko Nfuufu
    Source Agatliiko Nfuufu
    Source Delta TV  Tukole
   Source Agabuutikide

   Source Agatliiko Nfuufu

 Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II at the launch of Bulungi Bwansi
 addressed the importance of the vital work all the Gombolola chiefs, are doing for their communities. He also pointed out the provision of free health and medical services for the under privileged.During the celebration he planted a tree to mark the event, The planting of the tree signifies a symbol of wealth, prosperity,strength and growth.


The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II on his official visit to Ssingo, was warmly welcomed and deputy chief for Kyadondo Gombolola Omuk Navtam Gosai handed the Kabaka a copy of the Qmag publication which makes coverage on the Buganda Kingdom. Omuk Navtam Gosai was nominated by the Kabaka to the position of deputy chief of Kyadondo Gombolola Masekati (central). He is the second Asian of origin nominated by the Kabaka to hold a position and serve in the Buganda Kingdom.
The Kaggo Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule in the middle of photo below, Deputy Chief Omuk Navtam Gosai on left in photo below and Mr Kayima David Sekyeto on the right in the photo below the leaders of Kyandondo Gombolola Masekati (central Kampala), instituted the "keep Kampala Clean" an ongoing campaign in different areas of the Gombolola in conjunction to Bulungi Bwansi. Below omuk navtam with his executive team and residents of Kisenyi cleaned and kept drainage system clean and helped  restore the place to a clean habitable place for the residents.
Under Bulungi Bwansi initiative. Omuk Navtam Gosai also helped to launch a free clinic in Namugoona for the consultation and diagnosis of Diabetics and other health conditions for the under privileged. This resonates well with the pledge the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II made in his speech during the launch of Bulungi Bwansi of providing free health and medical services for the underprivileged.  Equipment was raised for the clinic through donations from abroad.
The system was highly regarded as beneficial to the communities and will be replicated across the the entire Gombolola of Kyadondo and other areas.
With courtesy of Dr Argarwal and his team from the eye hospital a clinic was organised with the help of Omuk Navtam Gosai and gave the residents with diabetics a free consultation and eye tests. Many came to the clinic and benefited from the free services which is going to be a continuous occurrence.





The involvement of the youth who volunteered and embraced to be the flag bearers and champions for Bulungi Bwansi into the future gave them exposure 
to managing challenges and finding solutions.Students from different schools brought in the experiences they had accrued through their course of education. 
Here subjects like science, Health Science,Biology were put to practice. Hygiene and clean environment was the theme of the day. The market and hospital
was cleaned and the rubbish cleared and disposed of safely. This was a way of people learning collectively from each other that we need to keep our environment 
clean, dirty environment is conducive for the manifestation of germs which are fatal to our health. Markets as a source of our nutrition have to be clean.
Through their participation in Bulungi Bwansi the students acquired new skills such as team work, management and good governance which will prepare and help
 them into their future prospective careers.



Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II Is keen on sports and has launched various projects in the Buganda Kingdom over the years, different clans and counties (Massaza) come to compete against each other in different kinds of sports, The races organised in his honor to help raise funds and raise awareness about a plight of diseases such as fisitula and other conditions.The inclusion of the youth through different sports schemes to raise issues about healthy life style sports include football, swimming, cycling, athletics and many other sports. Even the senior citizens join in and get the opportunity to take centre stage and shine playing the traditional games they used  to play for centuries and still play now the "Mweso" It has a resembles the games such as chase. Even those Bagandas abroad have these events in place and celebrate harmoniously with those back home in the kingdom. Also neighbouring countries come and join in the sports events and in the future the kabakas vision is to see many countries join in and also some of these sports to be performed at the Olympics. The sports promotes cohesion within the communities and those Bagandas leaving abroad and also drives the agenda for the Buganda Kingdom forward.

The Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has today officially 
flagged off the start of the Massaza Cup Football tournament for 2015 in front of 
loyal subjects in the county of Buluuli. In today’s tournament Buluuli managed to outplay 
Bulemeezi pulling off a 1-0 win on home turf. The Massaza Cup is a tournament that brngs
 together all the counties of Buganda to compete against each other

Airtel Uganda, Signs A Deal To Sponsor Kabaka's 61st Birthday Run

 Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga officially launched the activities at Bulange, Mengo in preparation for Kabaka’s 61st Birthday slated to climax.

At the same function, Uganda’s leading smartphone network, Airtel signed a deal to organize the events.  The CEO Aiterl Uganda, Tom Gutjahr signed the deal of the 12-day sports activities under the theme, “A re-energised youth, set for any challenge.”He called on more people to participate in the program that has been expanded to six disciplines mentioned. Proceeds from the run and other event will again go towards the fight against Fitsula.

Besides raising awareness for the fight against Fistula, Mayiga said the sports activities help people appreciate the importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Read more

In the photo below Kabaka Ronald Mutebi  flagged off  the Kabaka Birthday Run 2016. Proceeds from the Kabaka Birthday run will will go to fight Fitsula. The cycle race which was organised by Owek Apollo Nelson Makubuya who also led the bicycle race at the start point which started at Bulange  The bicycle races from Buganda kingdom and Uganda were joined in with other cyclists counterparts from the neighboring countries who came to join in celebrating the Kabakas birthday and also participated in the race.There was a big crowd to cheer them.




           Source UGO news

Rwandese Cyclists Book For 

Kabaka’s Birthday Race

The Kabaka birthday fever is on in Kigali, Rwanda. More than ten Rwandese nationals have booked to participate in the cycling race, one of the several activities that are lined up to celebrate Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s birthday.The king will make 62 years on April 13. This year’s main celebrations will be held at the prestigious King’s College Buddo.The minister of sports and leisure in the Buganda kingdom Henry Ssekabembe confirms.“It is true, our brothers from Rwanda will be part of the cyclists who will take part in the race to mark his majesty Kabaka’s birthday,” Ssekabembe says.The cycling race will take place on April 9 starting from the king’s main palace located in Mengo. Read more




Below the kabaka marked the boat race at Munyonyo by congratulating and joining the winners from the Mawokota men's boat racers in their boat.
The ladies boat race was won by the ladies from the Kyadondo boat racers who were jubilant about the win. The boat race are performed by different 
clans which compete among each other in the presence of the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II at the shores of the Lake Victoria called by the Bagandas  Nalubale.

                                                                                              The Royal Regatta returns       Source

Minister of sports at Mengo government Henry Sekabembe (third left) launches the Royal Regatta 2016 competition at Bulange.
PHOTO: Silvano Kibuuka

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi has revived one of his kingdom’s most popular sports activities.The Royal Regatta resumes after a decade. The event ceased in 2006 due to organizational constraints.The regatta has competitors from the Buganda’s 18 counties competing in various water sports. Mutebi will preside over the closure event at Munyonyo on the Lake Victoria shores. Reclaiming Buganda’s Heritage through Water Sports,” is the theme of this  event.SC Villa head Ben Misagga heads the committee that will organize the event.This is a big task that I am confident we shall successfully execute. It is also a royal call that I had to diligently accept,” stated Misagga.The committee of 12 that includes Solomon Muwonge as Misagga’s deputy and Navtam Gosai in charge of sponsorship, was launched by Buganda Sports Minister Henry Sekabembe at Bulange.“The kingdom is aware of the potential that water sport has in community mobilization and socio-economic development,” stated Sekabembe.Canoe and kayak sprints, rowing, dragon boating, para rowing and long distance swimming will be some of the activities.
Other committee members: Deo Lukyamuzi (secretary), Mukedi Nsubuga (treasurer), Henry Kasacca (coordination and publicity), Abbas Sebandeke (technical advisor), Musa Ssemambo (Member), Adam Ssematiko (ex-officio), Mark Golooba (ex-officio) and two women yet to be confirmed.Outlining the benefits of the regatta, Sekabembe said it promotes recreation and Olympic values.He also cited the spirit of fair play, cooperation and competition. It will also attract local and international investors to invest in water sport.The activities will ultimately also start the process of developing Kabaka’s landing site as a water sport center of excellence.Besides the competition, the regatta also used to be a major social event attracting huge crowds. Read more