X- Treme Sports

        Xtreme Sports               



                                    Pipe Dream                                  

Watch this specially adapted bike that has conquered all terrain even on water it glides smoothly at high speed, waves are not a deterrent either. Pushing the limits   


                              Awesome Biking                                 

The artistry of bike riding skidding on the sand making precision turns, taking up in the air and landing down on high speed. 


       Extreme Motor Sport Round The World Hero           


                      Mulholland Riders Superleggra                 


                      The Road - Warriors                                  



                           Women's Boxing                                   

who said women could not throw a "right hook" Following in her father's footsteps a legacy in the making. Laila Ali the daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali takes on rival Valerie Mahfood. These are tough, strong ladies. Watch video and more others


                           Monster Energy                                    

Hard as the terrain looks the Monster Energy leaves an impression as if it is landing on soft surface. It is blasted up in the air flying and floating lands on the two back wheels and then the front two back to balance and under control with precision and in speed mode. Watch video and more others


                 Roller On Almabtrieb                                      

This is playing devil's advocate irrefutable ground breaking sonic speed carnadrom. Fearless, courageous individuals exposed to the elements at the fastest speed. No turning back come slopes, ditches name it !!! Manouvre, stamina, precision is the "Game." These are human machines.          Watch video and more others



This is an art performed by committed devotees who perform martial arts. The art requires skill and these shaolin monks are disciplined and are relentless with magical, mythical skills used to attack & protect themselves from their opponents. The art has been in existence for centuries. Watch video and more others


     THE BEST DRIFTERS IN THE WORLD               
Craze for speed and spin through the winding roads, turning corners, drifting swiftly at supersonic speed. Control, spiraling rhythmically causing rough patterns while slaming on the brakes.Taking of in the air and bump bouncing down again at extreme speed. Changing gears faster and faster twisting and turning. Watch Video 



Scared !!! Let me show you scary, hold your breath as you watch this thriller Adrenalin pumping race. The race course is not your norm but is called the containable, made by piling containers one on top of the other, to give maximum impact and this is where the "Die Hard Riders" perform to their optimum potential. Watch video and more others




Fasten your seat belts and get ready for this heart throbbing take off. It is limitless pushed to the extreme, the dare devils, extraordinary speedometer blasters exhaust busters,corner slammers, gear wreckers daring, fierce this is sane "Road Art" Stand clear, watch video and more



Rough,tough, fiery with i don't give a damn attitude kick your ass. Cunning always seizing the moment and throws in a surprise right hook and a knee jerk in the groin, that's only a teaser. What have you got? Then bring it on, we better get the verdict now!!! Watch video and related videos




Tough Individuals undeterred by heights, surfaces floating fiercely bouncing, swirls, at extreme speed with a sense of concentration and stamina at the highest level while defying gravity.Display of strength yet gentle landing on the joints, folding away in all angles for an accurate landing.Staging on precision with natural shock absorbers. What a !!! Watch video and related videos