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     Omuk  Navtam Gosai                               


Omuk Navtam Gosai has dedicated Qmag Magazine and devoted his time to communicate by harmonizing the local & foreign communities socially culturally and commercially.

He is also using this platform to report about Buganda Kingdom. Qmag magazine is free and available every week, he has also developed a digital based version easily accessible on the internet and on mobile phone. Link


On Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II visit to Ssingo, Omuk Navtam Gosai got the opportunity to share with him the Qmag magazine which covers news about Buganda Kingdom.


Picture above: From left Omuk Navtam Gosai, Middle Katikiro Peter Mayiga and Left Owek Rajni Tailor.
Picture below: Omuk Navtam Gosai greets Prince David Wasajja brother of kabaka.

Ssabasajja Kabaka Muwenad Mutebi II cut the christmas cake after carol singing and offered a piece to Omuk Navtam Gosai D/Chief of Kampala Central Gombolola.


Kabaka Ronald Mutebi arrives with Nabagereka (queen) Sylvia Nagginda & he waves to the crowds at Bulange. He cuts a cake which he later serves to the waiting crowd.
Omuk Navtam Gosai together with the great team from Kyadondo Kampala central organised "Children's Fun Day" event was free & children were entertained and had refreshments.Guest of honour was Dr Vail Jamal shaking Omuk's hand.

Omuk Navtam Gosai and Madam Speaker Florence show of the cake they are going to share with all the other executives & team members from Kyadondo Kampala central for their achievements, after working tirelessly over the year.

The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi arrives at Sissa sub county to launch "Bulungi Bwa Nsi" Almost identical or in essence similar to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Omuk Navtam, executives & members organised an event in Kyadondo Kasangatti where the Kabaka & Katikiro were guests of honour.Omuk Navtam Gosai and his wife welcomed the Katikiro Peter Mayiga with a smile.
The Katikiro Peter Mayiga, Omuk Navtam Gosai and all the executives and team members pose for a photograph

Omuk Navtam Gosai guides his wife as they go hand in hand in front of the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi
at the event he organised in Kyadondo Kasangatti.
She knelt beside him as he honored the king.
 Above Omuk Navtam Gosai, his wife and members of and executives of Kyadondo raise their flag in allegiance to the Kabaka. "Ssabasajja Kabaka Awangale" (Long live the king)'. Dr Vail Jamal also attended the event both gentlemen wore Kanzus an outfit worn at such events .Mrs Gosai and the other women wore gomesis a traditional costume worn by ladies and especially at such an event.

Omuk Navtam and his wife also met some school children and encouraged them to study hard. Omuk Navtam Gosai and His wife together with Dr Vail Jamal present the launched book Uganda Asians.



Thousands marked the 61st birthday of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II by joining in the run.
It was sponsored by MAAD Advertising and many charities are represented and money raised for good cause. Omuk Navtam Gosai and his wife Harminder Gosai took part.
He was also at Bulange to see of the start of the bicycle race and to wish them the best. Owek Apollo Nelson Makubuya led the bicycle race

       Happy Birthday to Ssabassajja Kabaka



Omuk Navtam Gosai attended B2B which was held at Fair Way Hotel which was organised by the Indian High Commission, the Uganda Chamber of Commerce and EEFC of India. Delegates included Hon Fred Jachan, Omach MP, The Minister of State for Finance Planning & Economies Development who were all welcomed by Dr AVS Ramesh Chandra

Omuk Navtam Gosai had these words to say to the viewers before going to attend the European Business Forum which was held at the Sheraton Hotel.
Omuk Navtam Gosai addressed different dignitaries from local & European members at the European Business Forum, and urged them to invest in Buganda Kingdom. Present was Hon Cyprian Batala the assistant commisioner external trade, John Gaustad the chairman of EBFand Marie Viesti of EAC- EU EPA



Omuk Navtam Gosai in conjunction with Dr Agarwal's eye hospital conducted a free eye clinic in Namugoona camp for Diabetic patients to commemorate the WTO'S World Health Day "Beat Diabetics" Around 50 people were attended to by the team.
Thanks to the expertise of Dr Argarwal, Mrs Harminder Gosai and the team.  


Omuk Navtam Gosai launched a free health check clinic, in the Namugoona as an initiative for Greater Gombolola of Kyadondo. It willl help local community as a center where they can get diagnosis & advice about health issues. His preparations started with making sure the environment at clinic was maintained by deploying someone to clean it.

He brought together a team of professionals who will volunteer their time for this cause.The wife of omuk Navtam Gosai lady of Namugoona Mrs Haminder Gosai was there to offer her professional help and she also donated equipment, the Accu-Check, Glucometer and other equipment to be used at the clinic which she brought from the UK.

On the day more than 100 patients attended the clinic, the Executive Director Rose Lule said it was a success and it is a system which needs to be replicated allover the greater Gombolola of Kampala and other areas.


Omuk Navtam Gosai and his executive team from Kyadondo Gombolola welcomed Kaggo Patrick Mugumbule who chaired the meeting on how Gombolola is to progress forward.

Omuk Navtam Gosai led his executive team members who were then joined in with the people from the local community of Kamwokya a suburb in Kampala, to clean the area. Before all that started Omuk Navtam signaled all to join hands together by drumming Gwanga Mujje (Community Gather) a system used in Buganda Kingdom to call out to the community. There was a lot of cleaning done as you can see all the drainage system was cleared of the rubbish that was clogging it and all growth where mosquitoes manifest were cleared during the Keep Kampala Clean.

The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi waves to the crowd at his visit to Kassanda Ssingo Gombolola accompanied by Prime Minister Peter Mayiga.
Omuk Navtam Gosai accompanied by his son Brij met the kabaka during his visit in Kassanda Ssingo gombolola. Where he introduced him to the kabaka who had a little conversation with him some thing he will take away and share with his peers when he flies back to the UK.

Omuk Navtam Gosai together with his son Brij watch a football game at a local club in support of their team which unfortunately lost to Man U. Despite the loss their spirits remained high.
Below Omuk Navtam Gosai, Swamji and Brij visit the KICC Cricket team to promote and support the game
Omuk Navtam Gosai managed to introduce his son Brij who has been visiting Uganda recently to the ministers during their visit to Bulange (Buganda Parliament).
Brij was introduced to Owek Joseph Kawukyi Minister of local Goverment Buganda kingdom, He also met Owek Sekabembe Minister for the youth, Owek Ben Mukwaya the Minister of Health and also Owek Mahamood Thobani Minister of Trade.where they discussed various matters 


The Bahubhai Ruparelian Humanutarian Foundation
opened the Paresh Ruprelia National Academy, present were Omuk Navtam Gosai, Sudhir, Owek Rajni Taylor;Hon Rev Dr Kabushinga and guest of honor Vice President Sekandi
Omuk Navtam Gosai with Owek Mariam Mayanja and director David Zake meet to finalise Bulungi Bwansi projects

Omuk Navtam after meeting executive director Mr Dhanush Kishore and general manager Mr Ganesh K.S agreed to work together with the support of Norvik Hospital on a nunber of projects
Omuk Navtam Gosai at the South African High Comission where he met  commisioner Mr Micheal Malan, cousellor Wendy Swartz, the first secretary Mr Xolela Nofufuka and the marketing director director Mr Andrew Byaruhanga,
They built good working relations and support him with the work he does for gombolola
Omuk Navtam Gosai welcomed by the CEO of Agha Khan Education Mr Fred Tukahirwa to discuss how they can work together with gombolola
The head teacher Old Kampala Senior Secoundary School Mrs Azilda Nsubuga welcomed Omuk Navtam Gosai, discussed ways on how to work together with gombolola to promote CSR

Mr Nevin Bradford CEO and Mr Ravi Reddy of Cipla Quality Chemicals industries ltd to work and support Omuk Navtam on matters regarding Health issues. 
Discussed help for the needy and free drugs for malaria

Omuk Navtam Gosai discusses Bulungi Bwansi with the managing director Mr B. S Dhaka of Bank of Baroda
where he has got full support.


                                            THE ELECTROL COMMISSIONER 

                                                       MR BADIRU KIGUNDU 


Omuk Navtam and his team at Kisenyi Kyadondo during the Kampala keep clean. They cleaned and cleared the drains which were clogged with rubbish and plastics
 Omuk Navtam and his team met Mr Peter Zake a representative from buganda kingdom to discuss way forward on issues regarding keep Kampala clean


Omuk Navtam Gosai thanks and praises his team and everyone involved in the cleaning at Kisenyi Kyadondo. The tools are cleaned and ready for the next ongoing task. of keeping the environment clean.

Omuk Navtam Gosai and other gombolola chiefs met to discuss  implementation of Buluni Bwansi and how they can work together.
Omuk Navtam and his executive team members rejoice after his contribution of two new lawn mowers he donated to his Kyadondo headquaters to keep it clean. The news was celebrated by all the team members.The new lawn mowers will be delivered soon



What a special way to celebrate, gave back and had fun with his young fans.

Omuk Navtam Gosai, executives and members of Kyadondo gombolola organised a fun day for the local children. This time with a twist, he gave a surprise to the children by introducing Christmas Santa Claus to them.

The international school of Modelling were involved and volunteered time, they wore Santa outfits & contributed by serving at the party all for a good cause.The day was full of entertainment,refreshments, games and sharing gifts.

There were many well wishers, contributions from donors & sponsors in Uganda and some from overseas also the local community & Kyadondo gombolola who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

The photograph is just a snapshot of the event on the day it was much bigger and more children. In the background were Bouncy castles, rides, and lots more for the children to enjoy and have fun.

 Children's Fun Day was full of Fun and sharing the Fun

Omuk Navtam Gosai with medical professional during a seminar on health led by Owek Dr Ben Kiwanuka Mukwaya Minister of Health Buganda kingdom.
 Last Ganpati darshan at Maharashtra Atrya grounds
Ganeshi blessings.
 Aarti and breakfast at Ganapati temple Kamwokya during
Vishargan  Sharda Tailor, Dhalwani Peter, Omuk Navtam Gosai & other devotees who were present at the event

Above L-R Omuk Navtam Gosai, Kaggo Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule & Kayima David Sekyeto. Below -members of gombolola on achieving recognition for their work by the Buganda Kingdom.
Omuk Navtam Gosai invited to attend the Uganda Muslim Women Civilization initiative launch.(UMWC).  deputy chief of mission of the US embassy, Ms Patricia Mahoney, Dr Anas Kalisa & Chairman of Zaka & Waqaf committee were some of the guests.

 Omuk Navtam Gosai awards a trophy to a young boy a future star in the making.One to watch for keep an open eye.Omuk Navtam Gosai with one among many of his little best friend. Isn't she adorable. 
Marathon organised by MTN many came along despite the
sky getting darker and showing signs of heavy down pour.
It was completed successfully.

Omuk Navtam Gosai guest of honour at the International modeling school event,he gaves awards to the partcipants.The event was held at fairway Hotel.
 Promoting youth sports Omuk Navtam Gosai joined in with the other coaches at a football game between Kamwokya I wearing Blue kits and Kamwokya two wearing orange 
Kampala City Council Association organized the (KCCA)
 festival which was so colorful. Many attended & enjoyed
 the day.It lifted people's spirits.

Omuk Navtam Gosai at the Buganda Tourism Exhibition where items ranging from traditional antiques to modern tech items were exhibited' The brown cloth on the table is made from the bark of a tree hence called bark cloth worn centuries ago by the Baganda as clothing,also a wonderful grass thatched hut. More can be seen at various palaces.
Here the young are performing a Kiganda traditional dance a very rich entertaining dance with heavy beats to it. They have taken in their stride to make sure Omuk navtam Gosai joins in the fun.
The drum is of great significance in the Buganda culture it commands and sends messages. Omuk Navtam Gosai might be signalling that it is time for business.
 Uganda Tourism Board exhibits in London to promote and encourage more visitors to come to Uganda. A very nice holiday destination with many natural scenery and rich culture.
Jajja Ndawula standing next to Omuk Navtam who has been nominated to chair the group. Jajja Ndawula exhibits their innovative sophisticated 21st century cutting edge technology of their latest plane and other advanced equipment.

Uganda Museum has got many old items that are on display and open for visitors to come and view and learn from the objects that transcend centuries.