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                          The Royal tombs of Buganda which are recognised as a world heritage site located at Kasubi and image afterwards when they caught fire



Below are images of how the royal tombs were constructed. This is a job which is assigned to a particular clan whose job is to build and maintenance of the tombs. That is the burial place of  consecutive kings of buganda. It is hand made and the architecture used can be seen from the designs of the roof and the poles that hold together.





     The great architecture of the inside of the royal tombs shows off the curves that were woven and the circular roof all made of grass held together with strong poles 


           Good leaders dialogue - Kabaka

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has called for an end to politics of lies, saying Ugandans need leaders with values. The Kabaka said a leader who doesn’t value dialogue and respect for others does not qualify to be called a good leader.“In Buganda Kingdom, we have good leaders because we always put negotiations and respect for one another first. When there is no consensus, I invite elders at all levels and analyse situations for a better solution,” the Kabaka said.The monarch was addressing his subjects during the local government day celebrations for Buganda Kingdom at Gombe Sub-county headquarters in Wakiso District at the weekend. 

The theme for this year’s celebrations was “Leadership and Transparency.”“Leadership is very important to development and leaders should have consensus with the people at every stage. When people are poor, leaders should always be ready to look for measures that can rescue their people from poverty,” Kabaka Mutebi added.The Kabaka asked the youth to work hard. “The country needs young people and I urge you to focus on agriculture because it’s the backbone for Uganda and Buganda’s economic development. We can’t go wrong if we use agriculture to change our country.”Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga asked people in rural areas to grow commercial crops from which they can earn big other than selling off their land. Read more

           Buganda King wants to formalise tenants

By Paul Tentena

Buganda Land Board (BLB) a professional body set up by His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda to manage land and properties returned under the Restitution of Assets and Properties Act of 1993, last week launched the "Wetukire Land Verification Campaign". This is meant to ensure that all holders of land titles on His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda Land are verified. The BLB Head of Legal Barnabas Ndawula spoke Paul Tentena about the campaign.Buganda Land Board recently launched a campaign dubbed'Wetuukire.' Please tell us what the campaign is all about.

Wetuukire' is a campaign that is calling upon all persons currently in possession of land titles on Kabaka's land, which were formerly issued by Uganda Land Commission and District Land Boards to regularize their tenancy with Buganda Land Board. The campaign is scheduled to start on March 1st and will end on April 30th 2016.

What do you exactly do you mean by Kabaka's land and what areas does it cover? Kabaka's land refers to all that land vested in the Kabaka of Buganda by virtue of his office and held in custody for the people of Buganda. Kabaka's land includes:l The Kings official estate 'Olusuku lwa Ssabasajja' measuring 350 square miles covering the counties of Kyadondo, Busiiro, Kyagwe, including such areas as Munyonyo and Makindye and Buziga.l It also covers all land that was managed and controlled by the Buganda Land Board as a creature of the 1962 constitution of Uganda, which entails urban and peri-urban areas of municipalities and towns in Buganda kingdom

l It also includes the Sazza and Gomboloola estates measuring 8 square miles and 49 acres respectively found in all districts of Buganda covering some parts of Mukono, Wakiso and Kampala and different areas within rural/up country districts in Buganda region.

How is it that persons were able to obtain titles on Kabaka's land in the first place? Individuals did get hold of titles on Kabaka's land especially lease titles by way of interests created by Uganda Land Commission and the District Land Boards.

Wasn't the issuance of such titles by Uganda Land Commission and District Land Boards legally binding? In light of the prevailing circumstances at the time, one may say that technically it was legal because it was state sanctioned. The Central Government under the Obote-I Republican constitution of 1967 confiscated Buganda Kingdom assets, of which land was the largest.The 1967 constitution also created the Uganda Land Commission which was given the mandate to manage all public land, of which the confiscated Buganda Kingdom land was among.This was further escalated by the 1975 Land Decree which declared all land to be public land and vested the same in the State to be held in trust for the people of Uganda and to be administered by the Uganda Land Commission. Further still, in 1998 District Land Boards were created and given further mandate to manage land within their respective districts.

If the titles were legal then, what is the rationale behind Buganda Land Board's regularization of tenancy on the same land now? Buganda Land Board is regularizing tenancy on the land becausethe land was officially handed back to Kabaka's Government. In 1993, the Government of Uganda through the Traditional Rulers Restitution of Assets and Properties Act Cap 247 entered various legally binding agreements with Buganda Kingdom culminating into a memorandum of understanding between themselves in 2013 under which various land titles and properties were officially returned to the Kabaka.

Are there any repercussions that can affect tenants who haven't had their titles validated by Buganda Land Board?Yes, it is vital for title holders to have their titles validated because Buganda Land Board is now the controlling authority of the land. As the authority, Buganda Land Board needs to know the tenants currently residing on the land.Once BLB has the knowledge of the tenancy and has authenticated the tenancy, the title holder will enjoy security of tenure guaranteed by BLB.

In addition, financial institutions and Commercial Banks are now accepting only those land titles on Kabaka's land that have been validated by Buganda Land Board. Furthermore, all transactions to include the sale, exchange or donation of land with titles on Kabaka's land are now rendered invalid by law, if not consented to by Buganda Land Board.

Does this mean that Buganda Land Board wants to evict tenants off Kabaka's land through the Wetuukire campaign?'Wetuukire' campaign is an initiative by Buganda Land Board to ensure that all tenants on Kabaka's land enjoy peaceful and economically sustainable use of the land they occupy. Buganda Land Board is therefore not chasing anyone off Kabaka's land. We are simply acting within our mandate and calling upon all tenants on Kabaka's land that received land titles issued by Uganda Land Commission and District Land Boards to come and regularize their land titles with Buganda Kingdom, this is both free hold and Lease titles.

In brief, are you saying that one cannot buy /sell or mortgage this land in a legally binding manner unless and until the same has been validated by BLB? The simple answer to that is yes! It is therefore entirely to the benefit of the title holder to heed to our call to have their land title regularized at this point to avoid inconveniences in the future. All those that don't comply will handled within the existing law.  Read more

Buganda Kingdom, UBL partner to bottle new beer

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) and Buganda Kingdom, through Majestic Brands, the investment arm of the kingdom, have partnered to brew a new beer brand called Ngule.
The beer is made from cassava and sorghum all of which are sourced locally from Buganda and Uganda. Ngule’s recommended retail price is Shs1,500.

UBL and the kingdom have a revenue sharing agreement. 
Unveiling Ngule at the Enkuuka- Buganda’s annual, year-ender party held in Lubiri, Mengo, the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, hailed Ngule as a “job-making” and “wealth-creating” innovation by the kingdom.

“Ngule beer is an innovation (obuyiiya) which is a key agenda on Buganda’s five-year strategic plan. The creation of Ngule will significantly contribute to the kingdom’s income and create jobs for people in Buganda and elsewhere, from distributors to sellers as well as farmers in Buganda and outside Buganda that will grow the beer’s ingredients mainly cassava,” he said.Read more

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi attends mass at Bulange and shares a cake with his subject Omuk Navtam Gosai                              

The Kabaka of Buganda kingdom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi attended mass at Bulange. Present was the katikiro Peter Mayiga including many dignitaries and onlookers.The kabaka shared a smile as he served a cake to his subject Omuk Navtam Gosai to whom the kabaka has entrusted with the responsibility of administering Kampala central gombolola (Kyadondo) on behalf of Buganda kingdom.

Omuk Navtam Gosai is humbled by the opportunity to serve and has build close relationship with the community, businesses and other stakeholders to bring about transformations. 

Click Here To Read More & Access Pictures In The Gallery Of The Projects

Omuk Navtam Gosai, executives & members of kyadondo gombolola organize "Childrens Fun Day" & introduce Christmas Santa



What a special way to celebrate, give back and have fun with his young fans.

Omuk Navtam Gosai,executives and members of Kyadondo gombolola organised a fun day for the local children. This time with a twist, he gave a surprise to the children by introducing Christmas Santa Claus to them. 

The international school of Modelling were involved and volunteered time, they wore Santa outfits & contributed by serving at the party all for a good cause.The day was full of entertainment,refreshments, games and sharing gifts. 

There were many well wishers, contributions from donors & sponsors in Uganda and some from overseas also the local community & Kyadondo gombolola who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

The photograph is just a snapshot of the event on the day it was much bigger and more children. In the background were Bouncy castles, rides, and lots more for the children to enjoy and have fun.

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Pope, Kabaka discuss religion in Buganda

Pope Francis met with Buganda king Ronald Muwenda Mutebi discussed religious matters in the kingdom, Daily Monitor learnt.Kabaka Mutebi is the grandson of Mwanga II, who ordered the execution of the Uganda Martyrs in 1887. The martyrs, a group of 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic converts, were executed at Namugongo where the Pope visited the country.

According to sources, the Holy Father met the Kabaka at Rubaga Cathedral before meeting bishops. Others in attendance were Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda, Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga and the Pope’s interpreter, Msgr Mark Miles. Buganda Kingdom minister for information Noah Kiyimba said the two leaders exchanged pleasantries for about 30 minutes.“For us Baganda, we are excited that the Pope met the Kabaka,” Mr Kiyimba said.

He added that much of the discussions between the two leaders centred on King Mutesa’s invitation of missionaries to Uganda, and donation of his then palace, Rubaga, to the whites, which later turned into a worship centre.“The Kabaka told him that perhaps if Kabaka Mutesa had not invited the missionaries, there would not be religion in Uganda,” Mr Kiyimba said.

Towards the end of the meeting, the kingdom information minister said the Pope and Kabaka exchanged gifts. “The Kabaka gave the Pope a portrait of King Mutesa (Mutebi’s father) and the Pope gave the Kabaka and the queen a rosary and a Bible,” Mr Kiyimba added.The Pontiff concluded his first Africa tour after visiting Kenya, Uganda, and the Central African Republic.  Read more


Kabaka Mwanga is hero -   Mayiga

 Ugandans should not condemn Ssekabaka Mwanga 11 but extol him as a national hero whose orders to execute the Uganda Martyrs have earned the country prestige, the Buganda premier has said.

Mr Charles Peter Mayiga said Ssekabaka Mwanga’s actions were a blessing in disguise since every Pope and other people across the world pay homage to Uganda to specifically identify with the martyrs who died for their faith. 
“Uganda is one of the few, if not the only country in Africa that has hosted three popes. This is not by coincidence. It is because Mwanga planted the seeds for us by ordering the killing of the martyrs. I feel very proud of him,” said Mr Mayiga.

Mr Mayiga was addressing Buganda subjects at a monthly tour to Kasubi Royal Tombs which are under reconstruction after they mysteriously went ablaze in 2010.

Besides, the tombs are where Kabaka Mwanga and other past Buganda kings were buried. 
The Katikkiro and other Buganda dignitaries visit the royal tombs every first day of the month to check on the progress of the reconstruction work. Read more


Buganda revives quest for federal government

Buganda Kingdom has reignited its long-standing quest for a federal system of government, saying it is the only vehicle to transform the kingdom. 

Speaking at a thanksgiving ceremony for his appointment as third deputy kingdom prime minister and minister for constitutional affairs at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala, on Sunday, Mr Apollo Makubuya said it was pointless for Buganda to continue supporting those who are opposed to a federal system.

“We need to negotiate with the rest of Uganda and divide power equally because this will help Uganda develop very fast, this is where I am going to concentrate and whichever politician is visiting the prime minister asking for political support, they must first declare their stand on federo,” he said.
He said if power is divided equally, Uganda would be able to solve its problems.Read more

Nnabagereka takes ekisaakate(Royal Enclosure) to UK

The queen of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda, has told Ugandans not to discard their culture in exchange for what modernisation brings along with the global village.

The Nnabagereka, who is currently in the United Kingdom, asked Ugandans in the diaspora to stay united, remain in contact with their roots and respect each other’s culture.

“We should also use our varying cultures as a means of reaching out and finding that which can unite us as Ugandans, Africans and even Ugandan-British but not as devices for creating enmity and petty divisions,” the Nnabagereka said.

Queen Nagginda said this at the opening of Ekisaakate kya Nnabagereka (royal enclosure) last Saturday at Rafayel Hotel in Battersea,Nirvana. She emphasised the need for people in the diaspora to promote positive cultural values.

“We must guard the best there is of our cultures to reinforce our ability to cope with the rapid global changes and in so doing, we would be able to create a new inclusive culture that is beyond whom we are,” she explained. About 100 children participated in the royal enclosure under the theme “Identity, Rights and Responsibility”. Read more

      Buganda Kingdom reaches out to Swaziland

Buganda prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga has met with King Mswati lll of Swaziland and discussed how the two kingdoms can work together to foster development.

According to the statement released by the kingdom, the katikkiro, who last week led a delegation from Buganda, was hosted to a private audience and dinner where he delivered Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s ’s warm regards to the king and the people of Swaziland.

“By meeting with His Majesty, the King of Swaziland, we were looking for ways through which we can work together to transform our respective kingdoms,” Katikkiro Mayiga said in a statement adding: “The Kingdom of Swaziland and that of Buganda have a lot of similarities. It was important that we meet the king so that more doors can be opened”
Buganda Kingdom has a flourishing relationship with King Mswati, a monarch renown for marrying virgin girls on an annual basis.Read more

Buganda Turns to Tourism for Revenue

 Buganda Kingdom announced several projects and events aimed at boosting tourism as it holds the eighth annual Buganda Tourism Expo.The expo, which was due in June, was postponed to August. According to Ms Ritah Namyalo Kisitu, the kingdom minister for tourism, preparations for the exhibition are complete.The exhibition, which will be held under the theme: "Million Tourists, million opportunities," will start with a family day out  and will be closed by Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II on August 30. While addressing journalists at Mengo Palace grounds, where the exhibition will be held, Ms Kisitu said several cultural and traditional officials from other regions of Uganda and countries have been invited to participate.


Some of the things up for exhibition include the Buganda Museum where several artifacts such as the first Luganda Bible, the coins used during Kabaka Mwanga's reign and the first radio in Buganda will be on display. Buganda's 18 counties and clans will also showcase their items.Read more

                                        PRINCE DAVID WASAJJA 

                     LAUNCHES BOOK 


Prince David Wasajja, has launched the 182-page biography of his brother Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II titled "MUTEBI YE KABAKA WANGE"  complied and published by Vision Group to commemorate mark Kabaka's 60th birthday due in April.

The book on sale at sh20,000 was authored by Bukedde ku Sande editor Margaret Nankinga  supported by a seven colleagues  and the research team.

Addressing a gathering at Vision Group head office on Thursday, Wasajja said Buganda will continue working with the Vision Group and thanked the company support for supporting the kingdom development programmes.

He described the book as “great content complied by great researchers."  Accompanied by the chairman of "Kwagalana" group, Godfrey Kirumira and several business personalities, the prince was received at the Vision Group headquarters by the Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kabushenga. The Vision Group boss is the organizing committee chairman of the Kabaka birthday run aimed at raising funds to treat fistula victims.Read more


The prime minister of Toro Kingdom, Steven Kaliba, has warned the opponents of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV to back off because he is the legitimately installed ruler.

"I want to assure the world that his Majesty is in charge," Kaliba said, before appealing to the king’s supporters to be calm and continue with normal life.

He lashed out at the opponents of the kingdom's leadership and urged them to refrain from making baseless and defamatory statements against Oyo.

The premier defended the king' leadership, saying he is a peaceful and loving Ugandan who is committed to bringing development among his subjects.It is understood King Oyo has just returned from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital of Abu Dhabi after a attending a conference where he presented a keynote address on agriculture.Read more


On December 13, Busoga made three months since the kingdom got a new Kyabazinga (King).

The installation of His Royal Highness Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV, which ended a six-year cultural leadership vacuum, raised expectations that inter-clan tensions in Busoga would finally subside and a new chapter of development under one leader would be opened.

As Busoga marks the first 100 days of Kyabazinga Nadiope's reign, Trevor S. Baleke looks at how the kingdom is fairing: -

During his coronation on September 12, 2014, the Kyabazinga of Busoga, Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV, used his maiden speech to urge his subjects to bury their differences and unite for the good of their community.

"I call upon the people of Busoga to work together as per our motto, 'Busoga togetherness is power,'" said the Kyabazinga in his native Lusoga. "That is the only way through which we will promote unity and take Busoga forward." Read more



Prince David Ssimbwa, the younger brother of Sir Edward Mutesa, has
died. Ssimbwa aged 80, died Thursday afternoon at Nakasero Hospital,
Kampala where he was admitted after suffering a heart attack.

Speaking on Phone to New Vision, Buganda Kingdom spokesperson Denis
Walusimbi Ssengendo who confirmed his death said Buganda regrets the
death of Ssimbwa. He was battling high blood pressure.

“It is sad news Prince Ssimbwa is dead. He has not been well. He had
been hospitalized. We shall feed you with details,” said Walusimbi.

Ssimbwa, who was the only surviving uncle to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi was
born on March 21, 1934 to Daudi Cwa II and Erina Nambawa. He was
raised and grew up in Lubiri, Mengo. He went to King’s College Budo
and later joined St Mary College, Kisubi. By the time of his death, he
was a presidential adviser.The head princes in the Kingdom, Moses Kayima said that the Kingdom has lost a great man. Read more


The royal drums sounded throughout the weekend as Basoga put to back years of waiting that kingdom at the source of River Nile has not had a  Kyabazinga (king).

The Busoga Chiefs’ Royal Council, that brings together the kingdom’s hereditary leaders of the 11 traditional counties elected Prince William  Nadiope Gabula IV as the Kyabazinga-elect of Busoga kingdom.

The hereditary chiefs constitute the Electoral College that elects the Kyabazinga.

 Prince Nadiope emerged unopposed during the chiefs’ Saturday meeting, which was attended by 10 out of the 11 hereditary chiefs.

The spokesperson of the hereditary chiefs, Mr Juma Luba Munolo, in the company of the chairperson of the Chiefs Council, Daudi Kawunhe Wakooli, told the public shortly after the meeting that the impetus was creation of harmony in Busoga.Read more


State minister for tourism of Buganda government Oweek. Ritah Namyalo Kisitu has confirmed that the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II will grace this year’s Buganda tourism expo slated from 25th-June-1st July 2014 at King’s palace, Lubiri Mengo in Kampala.

It should be remembered that Ssaabasajja Kabaka designated the 1st of July as the Buganda tourism day.While addressing the press at Bulange Mengo, Oweek. Ritah Namyalo Kisitu called on all the Kabaka subjects to throng at the expo and has advised traders and business men to come and register and book a stall where they will exhibit their products.

The expo will grace high ranking, cultural, government and religious leaders both national and international and the European Union head is also expected to attend.Oweek.Namyalo added that there will be a cultural procession along Kampala streets demonstrating cultural dances, songs and dressing codes.She also added that there will be a dinner purposely showcasing the different cultural foods, meals from different cultures of Uganda like “amaleewa of Bagishu”.

However one will be required to pay for the dinner.Uganda wildlife Authority will show case unique products offered by the conservation agency in the country’s different National Parks and Minister Namyalo has informed schools and parents to bring their children to see animals, snakes, birds and other wild life species kept in the zoo.  Read more


Katikkiro Eng J.B. Walusimbi
Over 167 million shillings in cash and pledges was realized at the launch of Kasubi Masiro Gwangamujje initiative aimed at raising money for the reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs.Speaking during the launch at Bulange, Mengo on Friday afternoon, Katikkiro Eng J.B. Walusimbi stressed the need for unity among everyone across Buganda in the efforts to restore Kasubi tombs that were destroyed by fire on 16th March, 2010.

Katikkiro added that he has fronted the campaign of unity since he took to office because it is the sure way to overcome challenges ahead of the Kingdom since it worked for the great ancestors to develop the Kingdom and establish permanent developments citing Mengo palace and the spirit unity that was exhibited in the early years of the restoration of the Kingdom.

He therefore challenged everyone to respond to Gwangamujje because it is meant to restore Ksubi tombs which everyone knows was destroyed and has not yet been restored to even great heights including a fence to protect the tombs from any dangerous intruders. He encouraged everyone to contribute towards this cause generously and promised transparency and accountability of all the funds to be collected.

Eng J.B explained that the delay in the reconstruction has been due to the cultural attachments to the tombs some of which have been accomplished while others are still being carried out which could not have been done in a very short time and at the same time seek advice from various key people. 
He added that the tombs being a UNESCO world heritage site required a liaison between the Kingdom, UNESCO and as well the central government since UNESCO works through the government to follow the proper procedures in restoring a world heritage site like Kasubi which has also taken some period to be accomplished.

The Katikkiro furthermore called upon people to embrace community based activities since it was initiated by our ancestors in building the Kingdom and it was success.
Katikkiro highlighted the total amount of money so far collected by the Kingdom whereby UNESCO contributed 53,698,000, Uganda Government, 2 billion shillings, individuals 736,000,000/= other channels 29,181,000 and $500,000 donated by the Japanese Government towards the installation of security gadgets in the tombs while total amount required in 10 billion shillings for the entire reconstruction of all tombs around the Kingdom.

He also highlighted some of the work has been accomplished including renovating all the other houses in Kasubi Tombs, constructing an office in the tombs, restoring the sacred fireplace Kyooto Ggombolola, constructing the inner fence, putting in place modern latrines and reconstructing Wamala tombs that are left with roofing to be completed.
Katikkiro assured the Kingdom that reconstruction work will commence on 2nd January 2013 and will run for only 13 months. He showed the gathering the contract which he said was completed and only awaited his signature.

The Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi on behalf of the central government promised to effectively address issues relating to fires which has gutted cultural sites, schools, business centers and child sacrifice that has turned rampant of late.
Ssekandi who saw speaking during the Kasubi Masiro Gwangamujje initiative launch at Bulange remarked that the burning of Kasubi Tombs affected the entire world since the tombs are international as a world heritage site gazette by UNESCO.

He however criticized some elements of people who accuse the government over failure to address Buganda`s issues whom he said are the same people who never want to see an agreement reached upon. He however promised to make sure that all Buganda`s issues are resolved because he understands them very well.

The 2nd deputy Katikkiro and also minister for culture and royal tombs in Buganda Kingdom, Hajji Muhamood Ssemmambo Ssekimpi attributed the delay of the reconstruction work to various challenges like lack of documented steps that were followed during the construction of Muzibuazaalampanga, limited experts in doing the work and as well as the absence of people to perform the cultural part of the reconstruction process.

The Chairperson of the Mobilization committee who is also the minister for local government in Buganda Kingdom Jolly Lutaaya urged all counties chiefs in Buganda to continue mobilizing Kabaka`s people to embrace this cause. Read more


Bunyoro Kingdom has asked the government to support its demand to Britain to return its royal throne which was allegedly stolen by Col Colville, a British colonial agent on June 11, 1894.

Led by the prime minister, the Rev Jackson Nsamba Kasozi, the kingdom officials presented a petition signed by King Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, to MPs on the Finance, Budget and Natural Resources committee during a meeting on Wednesday.

“The British are keeping my throne at Pitt Rivers Museum as a historic piece that people pay money to see Read more

Tooro Kingdom Mourns Passing of Princess Agnes Bagaya Kakoko

This is a sad moment for Tooro as a Kingdom following the death of their Princess Agnes Bagaya Kakoko , sister to Elizabeth Bagaya who  passed away yesterday in‪ Fort Portal, Kabarole District in Buheesi.

She has been described as a mother to many, a grandmother, mentor the sister of one of the arguably most beautiful women in Uganda Elizabeth Bagaya, and we are in prayer with them. Agnes will be missed and may her soul Rest in peace.

The kingdom was founded in 1830 when Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I, the eldest son of Omukama of Bunyoro Nyamutukura Kyebambe III of Bunyoro, succceded and established his own independent kingdom. . The current Omukama of Toro is King Rukidi IV and it is among the four traditional kingdoms Uganda.  

Princess Agnes Bagaya was the only surviving daughter of the late King of Tooro, David Kasagama Kyebambe III. She was also the youngest sister of Sir George David Matthew Kamurasi Rukidi III, the 11th Omukama of Tooro. Her death now leaves Prince Switzer Kaijamurubi, aged 84, the only surviving son of Omukama Kyebambe. Read more

Nabagereka foundation to focus on teenage pregnancies

The Nabagereka Development Foundation is to focus on counselling youth to reduce teenage pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Masaka District.

The Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Solome Nakaweesi Kimbugwe, said this on Sunday at Muteesa I Royal University where she met hundreds of teenage girls for a dialogue on reproductive health issues.

She said according to the 2011 Ministry of Health Uganda Demographic Survey, 24 per cent of all female teenagers in Uganda are either pregnant or have given birth which she said is high and unacceptable.

She said teenage pregnancies are linked to dropping out of school, STIs spread, and prostitution which directly complicates the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goal 5 – which is to reduce maternal mortality and achieve universal access to reproductive health. “To stop this, teenage girls must be empowered with the correct information to make the correct sex decisions,” Ms Nakaweesi said. Read more